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Chinese Meditation Accourding to Master Yun Part I


Fun's secular name was Wal-Kiu Chiang. Yun Shi-Chi was his Buddhist

appellation. He was born in 1872 in China, and he was just an ordinary citizen before he published his first personal account on Chinese Taoist Meditation in 1914 when he was forty- two. He added some Buddhist methodology and published his second book pn 1918, without adding any new personal and first-hand experiential data. In 1954, when he was eighty-two, he published a third book containing a tremendous wealth of personal and first-hand experiential data like the first, one. He passed away in his nineties, without illness. Master fun's books are probably the most important works on Chinese meditation on two counts. Firstly, all the personal experiences recounted in his first book, that is, up to age thirty-one, were spontaneous experiences, fie did not have a teacher, not to say a Master who could transmit energy to him. All he had was a book of Chinese herbal medicine ------ that book gave him some yimple instructions that he already practised since age seventeen, but didn't

really give amazing results until he practised it diligently when he was twenty-eight. spontaneous rise of Chi Energy identical to the pathways of puncture parallels spontaneous rise of Hundalini in Gopi Krishna who did not have a fomal teacher either.

This the (For

Gopi Krishna's experience physiology, psychology and

see Editorial) Master Yun did Aygia until after age thirty-one.

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start to stud) philosophy, his experieif was pure and

unadulterated. The second reason why his work is intimate personal experiences in numitt detail, quite

important is that he described his most distinct and separate from are theorizing

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past Taoist sages, what it means is that pebbles from the pearls. Thousands, of

he had a very scientifit attitude. He Chinese had healed theselves with

Taoist meditation and close to a hundred books had been written on wasn't until 1914 that some reported it in a scientific manner ------- Yun. He was the first Taoist scientist.

Taoist nieditation. Yet, It that person was Master

I had been sick frequently since I was little. When I was seventeen, I had afternoon fever everyday. I had a Chinese medicine book at home called, "The Annotated Medicinal Formulae", the last chapter of which said, "There is no medicine for tuberculosis, the only treatment is rest. Chinese Tao Meditation is a good method of proper rest." That's how I started to practise Tao Meditation. I had no teacher. That book was my teacher, it really helped. When I fell better, I stopped practising. When I felt worse, I started again.

When I was twenty-seven, my brother died of pulmonary tuberculosis, and I was infected too. When I was twenty-eight, I started to cough a lot, and blood clots appeared in my sputum. After three months, my sickness got much worse. At that point,I decided to stop all medications, stay away from my wife and children, isolated myself in a quiet room, and practise Tao Meditation tour times a day, one to two hours each time.

After three months, everytime when I practised Tao meditation, a heat sensation accumulated in my lower abdomen, increasing in intensity everytime, gradually becoming like boiling water. On the eighty-fifth night of my practice, a sudden vibration in the lower abdomen caused the heat to rush backwards to the tip of the spine, and rushed up the spine to the back of my skull. The same vibration repeated itself on six nights, Thereafter, the same heat traveled up to the top of my head via the spine, everytime I practised meditation, but

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