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there was no further vibrations. After this series of vibrations, I seemed to have a new body. Rll my symptoms disappeared overnight. I could now walk ten miles without feeling the least tiredness- I felt so light and so bright, like never before.

I abstained from sex during the first year of my meditation practice, and I followed three principles ------- abstain from sex to conserve sperm energy, refrain front unnecessary speaking to conserve Chi Energy, and avoid looking and reading to conserve mental energy. The first three months (March—May 1900) was the most difficult period. I wasn't able to get the hang of it. In May and June, I started to experience the beneficial effects of meditation. After July 1900, I was able to meditate at ease for three hours at eacn sitting.

After the first year, because I had to make a living, I reduced my meditation sessions bo only twice a day, once in the morning & once at night. I practised diligently everyday without skipping a session. One morning, after two years, when I was meditating, I again felt strong vibrations and intense heat in my Darn-Tin area (Acupuncture point # CO-6 Chi-Hai), the same vibration that occurred one and a half years ago that quiet down after six nights. This time, the heat and vibrations rushed up the spine and struck the back of the head at the occipital area (Acupuncture point #GO-16, Feng-Fu or Yui-Gen). The vibration repeated itself for three days, causing soreness and pain in the occiput. Suddenly, my skull bone felt like cracked open and the heat energy began to swirl round and round in the top of my head. Thereafter, the same heat energy swirled round and round in the top of my head at every meditation sitting, but the vibration did not occur again. That was my second vibration.

After another six months, a vibration again started suddenly in my Darn-Tin. The heat energy rushed up to the top of my head, swirled around in my vertex, and then came down the face, straight down to my chest, to my navel and into the Darn-Tin & then the vibration stopped. That was my third vibration. Thereafter, during every meditation sitting, the heat energy went up my spine to the top of my head, and then came down my face, to my chest and back to my navel. The heat energy circulated round and round without a stop. If and when I caught a cold, and I wasn't feeling well, all I had to do was to lead this heat energy to circulate to every inch of my body, so much so that I could even feel the energy in my finger- tips and my hairs. As soon as I did that, I sweated profusely, and tne symptoms of common cold vanished immediately. From then on, the multiple and varied symptoms of general ill health, pulmonary tuberculosis and stomach trouble never recurred in my life. I was able to walk forty to fifty miles of mountain road on foot without feeling the least tiredness.

I started to practice meditation when I was seventeen. I only practised it uhen I wasn't feeling well, and stopped doing it as soon as I felt better. I practised meditation hoping to improve my sense of well-being. I really didn't believe in all those theories about the energy center in the Darn Tin, the energy circuit in the body and the three obstacles along the energy circuit. After the vibrations, I realized that there is boundless wisdom and beauty in the universe. There is much to be learned in the universe. I realized that my body, my mind and life is so beautiful, so miraculous, and so wonderful that I can now see my place, my value and my significance in the universe. I am not a nobody in the material world.

Because of this understanding and realization, I never lost interest or perseverance in practising meditation twice a day, without skipping a single day. From then on, I remained healthy three hundred and sixty five days a year, without even catching a cold.


This detailed and personal account of Master run's meditation experience is being pub- lished as a three part series under the title:- Chinese Meditation According to Master run. Please look forward to Part II in Volume II or The Reports.

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