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    an engineer

Mr. Richard Wu is a thirty-five year old structural engineer working for an oil refinery In New Jersey. He had a master degree in structural engineering from Bucknell University in Pennsylvania. He is zoarrled and has two children.

Two years ago, I started to suffer from nasal allergy. My nose was always congested. I had headache all the time and I couldn't sleep well. It was not just hay fever or pollen allergy, but I had it all year round. My doctor gave me a series of allergy tests and told me that I am allergic to pollen, dust, rice, pork, soya sauce 5 soya beans and several other foods. I received injections at regular intervals for one year without significant relief. I had already spent more than five hundred dollars with the allergists by the time I decided to try some other method. During the hay fever season, when the pollen count was high, I couldn't breathe at night. I woke up in the middle of night from nasal blockage and couldn't go back to sleep. The next day, I have to work eight to ten hours. My body couldn't stand that. This was like a I viscious cycle. Because I couldn't sleep well, I couldn't perform my work well, resulting in pressure and stress. Because of pressure and stress, my sleep became even worse. This went on and on. My health really deteriorated. Some of my co-workers had been receiving allergy shots for ten years, and they still have the nasal allergy. I was really depressed.

I had studied Kung Fu, Judo and Karate when I was younger. So, I said to myself, "if I improve my general health by proper breathing and exercise, the allergy will go away." I heard of a teacher teaching Tao Yoga-Chinese Meditation in Chinatown, so I roade an appointment with him.

When I first met, my teacher, my allergy was very serious. When I sat down to meditate, my nose was running like a river. The teacher recognised my trouble. He transferred me some of his energy and taught me how to rub my nose. The running nose and congestion stopped very rapidly, giving me a quiet moment to sit down comfortably and practise meditation. After practising for one month, I completed my micro cosmic circulation. From that time on, I. have no more problem with my nose. I passed through winter, spring, summer and fall without any allergy trouble. Many persona start to have running nose S watery eyes when the pollen count is ten. I only have minimal symptoms when the pollen count is two hundred, and even then, the symptons are not bad enough for me to take an allergy pill.

During intensive practice, I do it four times a day, thirty rainutes each. For maintenance purpose, I do it two times a day, fifteen minutes each.

After practising for eleven months, I feel like a new person. Eleven months ago, my forehead & eyebrow was always tense, looking sad, and became angry easily. I was a nervous wreck and I got into many fights with people. If my co-workers said something unpleasant to me, I lashed back at then. Now, I am so calm. I can relax the whole body all the time. My level of health now is so much different from eleven months ago ------ like between heaven and earth.

In conclusion, based on my personal experience, Tao Yoga-Chinese Meditation has the follmi-ing benefits:-

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    improves my sleep; I have no more headache and dizziness.

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    gives me optimistic outlook in lift, nurtures in me the attributes of love affection and

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