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MR. R.Y. is a pianist and composer in his early thirties. He had travelled and studied music in Jta-Iy, Spain and several other European countries for the past fourteen years. He had known Chi Kung as a part of Chinese culture for many years. He had wanted to study Chinese meditation a long way back but he couldn't find a competent teacher. He was introduced to one in New York Chinatown and here is his report.

As an artist, my mind keeps on working twenty-four hours a day. Because of that, I had sleep problem frequently. When there were several engagements or parties that day, and the excitement carried me late into the night, I must take a sleeping pill. I could easily toss in rey bed for one, two, or five hours, unable to fall asleep.

I was nervous all the time too. The modern world is so busy, everything is moving so fast, everyone is so demanding ---- it drives everyone crazy, including myself. Because of the rushing and confusion, one's mind becomes clouded too.

I studied Chinese meditation because it is part of the invaluable Chinese heritage. But in so doing, I improved my health as well.

When I started to practise meditation, my teacher instructed me to concentrate my attention on my navel. After a while, I noticed energy like gas, turning in circles in my abdomen. My teacher subsequently taught roe to concentrate ii my Ming-Men, the top of the head, between the eyebrows and in my heart area. I felt the energy in each acupuncture point but I couldn't feel the channels in-between. When the energy passed through my tongue,I felt a numbness in my tongue like an electric current.

I have practised meditation for almost five months now. I fall asleep much easier and sleep much better, waking up more refreshed. I am less nervous now. When I get out of' meditation everry session, I feel so calm & so bright and my mind is so clear & so lucid that I am really amazed. I am convinced that meditation is very beneficial to my health. To concentrate your attention to your navel is an excellent method to give your brain a good resting period. My mind feels much lighter and my fingers play more freely after these few months of meditation practice.

Interview conducted, in May 1980

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