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    a copier technician

Mr. Wei-Yi Young is a technician in his thirties, working for a copier machine company. He is a graduate in electronics technology from the R.C.A. Institute of Electronics Technology. He has a happy family with two girls and one boy. He's been bothered by low back pain for many years. The lack of adequate relief from conventional treatments drove him to seek alternative methods to improve his health.

I had heard of Taoist meditation long before I thought of the need to study it. Taoist meditation is part of Chinese .culture and I had heard a lot of good things about it for some years. However, I never had a chance to find a qualified teacher.

For several year's, I have been having low back pain. The pain starts from the tip of my spine and affects my low back and my waist also. When I am driving a car or bend over to work on a machine or squat down to do something, or sit down to do some desk work, and I hold my posture in the same manner for five to ten minutes, I can no longer change my posture or straighten my spine. My spine appears locked-in, my back muscles stiffens up. I have to release this locked-in posture very gently and slowly, otherwise I would be in extreme pain. Even my neck and shoulders are affected at times. I had all kinds of X-rays at Gouveneur Hospital and was given all kinds of pills. There was no relief. I SOW several other medical doctors and Chinese herbalist. They all told me that I have sciatica, and there is not much they can do for me except advising me to rest on a firm bed, take analgesics & hope for the best.

Some friends suggested that I should improve my health by practising Tao meditation and recommended me to a teacher in Chinatown. The teacher passed his Chi Energy to me through my navel, Ming-Men, top of my head and between ay eyebrows, altogether five times. I felt warm energy entering my body. After practising as instructed for two and a half months, I felt warm energy rolling down my face like warm ocean waves, and then a heat sensation went through the tip of my tongue and down. Thereafter, I frequently felt the energy in my navel, my chest and my head s between the eye brows. When I was practising Fusion of the Five elements, I felt a bean of cool energy shoot right up from my perineum to my navel. That's the Thrust Meridian, my teacher said afterwards.

I have studied this Tao Meditation for several months now. I sleep better. My hot tempera vanished. And most important of all, my sciatica problem has improved eighty per cent. I have no more back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain. The only time when I run into trouble is when I hold my back in an awkward posture for a really long period of time, then, I would have trouble straightening the spine. Most of the time, I am alright and I am taking any medicine. It is my conviction that meditation has almost cured my low back pain.

Interview conducted in June 1980

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