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Dr. Stephen Pan as a sixty-six year old professor and writer. He was a member of the People's Political Council of China, a member to the National Assembly drafting the present Constitution of the Republic of China and a member of the Legislative Yuan of China. He was Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Social Welfare Daily, a leading Chinese newspaper. He has published eight books in English, (two of them have been translated into Vietnamese and Pakistan-Bengali languages) and three in Chinese. He has written extensively for both Chinese and English newspapers and periodicals.

Dr. Pan taught International Law, and Diplomacy at the School of Foreign Service In Geor-getown University, taught American Constitution, and American Government at the Catholic University of America in Washington, D. C. in World War II times. Subsequently, he was Director on Institute of Far Eastern Studies at Seton Halll University, N.J. and Dean of Human Affairs and Director of Area Studies at the University of Seven Seas travelling all over

the major Riverside

seaports of the world. Drive, New York, N.Y.

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(The following account is based on an interview with Lawrence Young M.D.)

Chinese medicine and Chi Kung (Chinese Tao Esoteric Synthesis) are true and valid disciplines as old as Chinese history itself. When I was in Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong, I had met numerous Masters proficient in Chi Kung, and I was convinced that Chi Kung is real and useful although it had not yet been subjected to scientific studies. Recently, psychologists and doctors have been studying Yoga and Meditation and have found it useful in treating hypertension, anxiety and heart problems. My contention is that Chi Kung will do just that and even more.

I started to study Chi Kung with Master Chia about a year ago because of my longstanding interest in this subject. I had previously practised Tai Chi Chun for twenty years. When I first learned from Master Chia, he transferred his energy to my navel. The energy felt like warm water. At first, the sensation was localized at the navel. When the heat gathered in intensity, it travelled down the perineum, up the coccyx and the spine to the head, and came down the face, the tongfie, the throat, the chest and back into the navel. This is the microcosraic circulation. When I completed this circulation, my body felt very warm. This warm current is real, not imaginery. Master Chia gave me some of his energy in the beginning. Now I have my own power and I don't need his boost anymore.

Before I practise Chi Kung,I had difficulty with my constipation. My stool was very hard and bowel movement was irregular & difficult. Now, I can move my bowels regularly.

Ten years ago, I was so busy, I found it very hard to sleep. So, I practised Tai Chi Chun and I could sleep better. Now that I practise Chi Kung, I have no sleeping problem at all. After two months of Chi Kung, I don't need to take sleeping pills any more. When I lay my head on the pillow, I fall asleep. When you have a busy schedule giving lectures, appearing on television and radio shows and having to debate in public frequently, many surprises occur, arri naturally one gets nervous sometimes. How, with the practice of Chi Kung, I can calm down very quickly in matter of minutes instead of letting the nervous anxiety run wild for hours.

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