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    a United Nations worker

Mr. Chu-Fan Boon is a. young roan in his thirties. He is a graduate in civil engineering and later on studied textile industry as well, After he came to the United States, he has been working at the U.N.I.C.E.F. Here's his experience with the practice of meditation.

I have always been interested in Kung Fu fictions. Opening up the Governor and Cohception Channels is a feature often mentioned in those fictions. However, I was not able to find a competent teacher and I left it at that.

In recent years, I had to study and work hard at the same time. I felt very much run- down. I couldn't sleep well. I couldn't concentrate on my work. I had poor memory.I lost interest in my work. I was nervous, and had frequent headache. I got sore throat several- times a year. I had painful bleeding hemorrhoids also, and the hemo-rroids really bothered me and weakened my health.

I was recommended by a friend to a medi.tat-ion teacher in Mew York Chinatown. The teacher gave me Chi Energy in my navel. I felt nothing the first time, because I couldn't even concentrate as instructed. At the second transfer of Chi Energy, I felt a distending pressure in my navel, fit the third and fourth transfer of Chi, I felt a body of warm energy in my navel. One night, after two weeks, I opened the Governor and Conception Channels. I felt the energy very full and tight in my navel, pushing its way up the spine, producing a numbness in my tongue as it came down the front channels back to the navel.

After I opened the two major energy channels,. my hemorrhoids subsided by at least half. When I reached level III, the Lesser Enlightenment of the Kan and Li, my hemorrhoids completely vanished. The problems with poor concentration, anxiety, impaired memory etc, improved slowly but steadily, fill the problems are gone now. I can't even remember since when they are gone. My general health has been greatly enhanced since I started to practise meditation two years ago.

When I was practising the Lesser Enlightenment of the Kan and Li,I felt a cool energy sensation running up to the navel from my perineum. When I was practising "Redirecting the Sperm Energy to Invigorate the Brain", I felt a cool energy starting from the perineum, moving back to the tip of the spine and up the spine to the top of the head --- all very cool energy. Nowadays, I can activate this circulation simply by pushing my tongue against the palate.

When I practised the Greater Enlightenment of the Kan and Li, I absorbed Chi Energy from many sources, including the sun and the moon During the actual practice, I felt the body per meated with heat, a stream of energy eruptin from the top of my head (like a volcano; I felt my body surrounded by a ball of energy, pulsating.

Nowadays, I get the experience of "Internal Breathinr" also. While I was meditating, I suddenly felt that the air flow through my nostrils ceased completely .There was no breathing at all. However, I felt perfectly comfortable, perfectly at ease. There was no suffocating sensation. I could feel energy pulsating in the navel area. I could feel a furnace in my navel area. The furnace was breathing nice warm energy in 6 out ------- not too hot, not too warm just a very very comfortable sensation.

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