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Mr. X is in his sixties, a well known businessman in New York Chinatown. He has con- tributed a lot to the prosperity of New fort Chinatown. He has a very busy schedule yet still finds time to meditate.

I have a mild blood pressure problem. My diastolic blood pressure is frequently 95 and over. My doctor said it should be 90 or below, My doctor gave me one water pill a day; it didn't help. The diastolic figure remained over 95. My doctor then wanted to recommend me other medications. At that point, I got scared. I know that all medications have side effects. Some side effect are acute, some are insiduous, causing damage slowly over a period of years.

After I read Dr. Herbert Benson's book -------- the Relaxation Response, I was convinced that meditation and relaxation is the answer, A friend of mine have learned a form of Chines" meditation, and he recommended me to his teacher.

I started to practise Chinese Meditation in mid-November 1979. My diastolic pressure was 95. It dropped progressively to 90 by the end of January. On February 6, I complete the Microcosmic Circulation. By February 10, the reading was B2, and it remained that way since. Subjectively, I felt much better.

It used to be that whenever my wife catch a cold, I get infected too. Recently, my wife got the flu & it lingered for two weeks. I was not affected at all.

Everyday. I practise twenty minutes in the morning. Occasionally, I practise once more in the evening also.

When I completed the Micrpcosmic Circulation, I felt the life energy like a small stream flowing in my body. Some friends ask me, "Are you sure it is not imagination?" No, it is not imagination. The life energy feels like heat, like warmth ----- very comfortable and soothing. I have felt this life current many times ------ I could not have been mistaken.

The life energy starts in the navel (Darn-Tin), descends to the tip of my spine, up the coccyx, up the spine to the back of my head, and then the top, the forehead and down through my palate, the tip of the tongue and back down into the navel. I have to guide the flow mentally in the beginning. Swnetimes it flows by itself. Some people asks me if I feel the "acupuncture points" distinctly. I don't. I know the acupuncture points along t!he path only as a station ------ like a train-station, like a truck-stop. Mainly, I feel the flow of life-energy clearly and distinctly.

Interview conducted in June 1980

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