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Mr. Wat-Man Leung is a Chinese cook in his forties, married and has two girls. He has

studied meditation for a year s a half and greatly improved his stomach problem. cwi account.

Here's his

I was a bus driver in Hong Kong. I ate my meals at irregular intervals between bus runs and I was allowed only a few minutes for each meal-break. That's when I started to have ulcer pain. After I came to the United States, because of heavy work-load, stress S strain and nervous anxiety, and my mother was sick with lung cancer, my stomach ulcer acted up again and the ulcer pain continued for at least two years before I heard about meditation. A doctor gave me maalox, an analgesic, and the newest drug for peptic ulcer ------ Taqamet four times a day. There was slight improvement, but the pain continued. Pain persists for hours at a time. An X-ray or the stomach showed nothing. A gastroenterologist did an endoscopy S showed the ulceration. I weighted one hundred & thirty pounds at the time and I am five foot nine; so I was underweight. My appetite was poor. A friend recommended my mother to do meditation but she was too ill to practise anything. After my mother passed away, I said to myself, "maybe meditation will help my ulcer pain. I have already done everything my doctor instructed, but without relief."

Just after four weeks of meditation practice, the duration of pain shortened, appetite improved and my weight increased. That's around the time of opening up the Governor and Conception Channels. At the same time, I didn't feel tired so easily anymore. I felt more energetic and I slept better. My job requires me to 90 home two o'clock in the morning. I used to toss in bed, unable to fall asleep. I woke up unre-freshed. Nowadays, I would fall asleep after twenty minutes of meditation practice and wake up refreshed and energetic.

I used to be very nervous. Working as a cook, I have to remember every dish ordered and prepare them one by one in proper order. The customers are frequently in a hurry and rush me all the time. This rushing and pushing goes on day in and day out, building tremendous pressure and nervous anxiety in me. After I practised meditation, I don't get nervous anymore. I feel light and happy all the time in spite of the same work pressure.

X used to blow my top off on my wife and my kids when I was tired after a hard day's work or when I was beset with unhappy incidents and situations. After I practised meditation, I felt much closer to my family, and I had not blown up with temper since. Because of that, my wife and kids talk to roe and play with me much more than before. My family is once again filled with peace and happiness.

My teacher helped me to open up the Governor and Conception Meridians by applying his palm to the major acupuncture points, for example the Ming-Men and the Pai-Hui (top of my head). I felt the Chi Energy entering my body. After I opened up the two major channels,I can bring the Chi from the navel down to the perineum, the tip of the spine and up the spine to the top of the head, down the forehead, the nose, the tongue, the throat arid back down to the navel. When I concentrate at the navel, I would feel energy diffusing in all directions from the navel. It is a real sensation, definitely not my imagination.

When I practised the Greater Enlightenment of the Kan and Li, when I let the fire and water mix between the heart and the navel, I could feel the Chi Energy spread out 'from that energy centre like ripples on a calm lake. The ripples felt like radio wave. The ripples also felt like concentric rings of heat spreading out. It's hard to describe, but the sensations were real.

When I practised Fusion of the Five Elements, I felt a lot of Chi Energy- Although m' stomach problem was improved, I would still get stomach upset when I ate the wrong stuff.

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