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    a factory worker

Mr. Kin-Chun Chu is a worker in a sewing factory. He is in his mid-twenties. Mr. Chu studied meditation hoping to improve his health. Sere is his report.

I work long hours in a factory and have little time left for sleep. I felt chronically tired and chronically nervous. At night, the nind was filled with uncontrolled thoughts. I tossed in bed for hours and was unable to fall asleep- I woke up unrefreshed, like I had not slept at all. I have had hay fever for many years. I had running nose, sneezing and other cold, symptoms frequently.

I have practised meditation for several months now. I would feel very calm, very relaxed and completely refreshed after a meditation sesision. I would sweat profusely during meditation, but the sweat is different from that due to intense sun and strenuous labor. After I sweat, I feel very comfortable.

I didn't feel the heat in the beginning. After a while, the heat energy became obvious. As soon as I sit down to meditate and concentrate on my navel, I can feel the iheat permeate my whole body. I can feel the energy centres ------- navel, Ming-Men, top of my head, between the eyebrows and the perineum ------- clearly and distinctly. I can feel the Govenor, Conception, Belt and Thrust Channels clearly and distinctly. It's no imagination.

I have become more optimistic. I have become more self-confident. I can see my important role in society now, whereas in the past. I felt like a nobody. Unhappy circumstances don't bother me as much now. I feel contented all the time.

I sleep much better now. I don't have uncontrolled thoughts. I am no longer tired. I am no longer nervous. I am seldom bothered by hay fever or common cold anymore. I feel that my health has gone a long way towards total improvement .

Interview conducted in June 1980

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