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Mr. J. HuaNg is a manager of a large fin In New York. He -is in his late thirties. He is a graduate In economics and business administration. He had been interested in Chi Kung since he was small. He tried out Master run's method in his teens, but without success. He studied with several other teachers also but without any benefit. This time, he has more luck. He is Impressed with the experience with his current teacher. Here's a personal account from Mi, Huang.

I am the manager of a large firm. There is no set time to my working hours. I have to solve the problems in the firm no matter how late I have to work. The work pressure creates tremendous stress and strain. When a rush of work was completed, I would be half dead.

Because of the unending stress and strain, I would feel chronically tired. I couldn't sleep well and I would wake up unrefreshed. I suffered from chronic lack of energy.

It is my impression that Chinese Chi Kung is probably different from the meditation that is currently in vogue in the United States.

Chinese Chi Kung is more than just stilling your mind. That's what happened when A practised meditation according to Master Yun's method in my teens. I concentrated at my navel, but nothing happened. It was so boring that I soon abandoned the practice.

A teacher in Hew York Chinatown gave me the Chi Energy in my navel, my Ming-Men & the top of my head. I did not feel heat sensations like others did. I felt the energy like luke- wano water. The body felt like floating in the warm Chi ocean. It was a unique and very comfortable feeling. The teacher passed me the Chi Energy many times and I felt the Chi every time.

I felt- most of the acupuncture points distinctly, but I didn't feel the channels except for a few of the bigger channels. For examples, when I experienced the Thrust Channel,I felt the energy go up to the throat from my perineum. I also felt the Belt Channel very clearly around my waist.

Now, I sleep much better. Mo longer do I feel tired easily. I can work very hard, yet feel very calm .and relaxed. I can feel great improvement in my Health. I am sacrificing much of my time that I used to spend in entertainment, and apply it to the practice of meditation. Yet, I feel that this is worth it.

Interview conducted In May 1980

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