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    a laundry worker

Mr. Shak-Ngoe Hee works in a Chinese laundry in Upstate New York. He is in his sixties. He was born in Mainland China, finished primary school there, and then moved with his family to South-East Asia. During the Second World War, he worked as a driver transporting people and merchandise in the South-East provinces of China, Kwangtung & Kwang-Sei. During the Communist takeover, he fled to Hong Kong where he worked as a bus-driver. After he immigrated to the Umted States, he became involved in a hand laundry and has been working there since. Mr. Hee became interested in meditation because of failing health. He practised Master run's method on his own with some improvement of his health. Three years ago, he joined a meditation cesitre in New York Chinatown and here's his personal account.

After I turned sixty, I started to have a lot of health problems. I was bothered by head- ache, low back pain, and asthma. I had seen many medical doctors and Chinese herbalists, and acupuncturalist without relief. I would wake up every night after mid-night, choking with phlegm and extremely short of breath. The shortness of breath would improve when I sat up and rest sitting for an hour. When I was much younger, I had recurrent asthma attacks. I doctor instructed me to avoid a wide variety of foods ----- I was practically allowed nothing to eat.

I am an active person. I was really scared by the multiple health problems I was faced with all of a sudden when I turned sixty. I had heard about meditation when I was smaller. So I turned to it and practised the method mentioned in Master fun's autobiography. After several years of concentrating on my navel, my asthma unproved, but my headache & low back pain persisted. I felt no chi Energy either, quite contrary to what Master Yun described.

Three years ago, I was introduced to a meditation teacher in Chinatown. The teacher passed his Chi Energy to me four or more times. At the fourth time, I felt warmth in my navel. The warm energy went up the spine to the top of my head. When the energy passed through my tongue, it felt like an electric current.

I don't feel the energy current very clearly, except when tha Chi Energy moves slowly. Host of the time the energy moves so fast that I can feel the energy in the acupuncture points only but not in between. It's like an electric circuit consisting of light bulbs along a wire. As soon as you turn on tlie switch, the bulbs light up ------ but nothing apparent happens to the wiring in between, nevertheless, the Chi Energy is really there. Nowadays, as soon as I sit down quietly, clear away the thoughts in my mind, take a few deep breaths as instructed and concentrate on my navel ---- I can feel Chi accumulating in my navel. I can direct my Chi Energy to the area of sickness. I can direct the chi Energy to my palm. That's how I healed my low back pain which my doctors said to be sciatica. My low back, pain did not go away after I opened the Governor and the Conception meridians. So, after I practised the Fusion of the Five Elements» when I could gather a lot of Chi Energy easily, my teacher tau9ht me how to direct the Chi Energy to wherever I wanted it to go. So, I directed my Chi Energy to my sacrum, and after many such maneuvers, the low back pain was fifty percent better. Since I did not get all better my teacher taught roe how to transmit the Chi Energy to my own palm and then pat my low bach with my own patm and transmit the life force\ from the palm to the low back. Subsequent to repeated application of that maneuver, the Ion back pain completely disappeared. Even the frequent headache since my teens went away also. I "think that my headache is part of the problem in the low back.

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