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Nowadays, when I catch a cold, with running nosci sneezing and headache, all I have to do is to take a few deep breaths, generate heat in my navel and bring it up the Governor Channel and down the Conception Channel in front. As soon as the Chi Energy passes through the nose, the running nose stops right-a-way. If I would let the Chi Energy circulate for a few minutes, the cold symptoms wouldn't come back. In this way, I haven't had a cold for some time already.

In addition to opening up the Governor and Conception Channels, I have opened the Belt Meridian around the waist, & the Thrust Meridian originating from the sole of the feet up to the perineum, up the chest, then splitting: into two and up to the two corners of the moutAi and ending at the inner corners of the two eyes.

Meditation not only helped my low back pain, my common cold, headache and asthma, it improved my sleep and gave me a lot of vitality also. I am now in my late sixties and I work ten to fourteen hours a day. The wrinkles on my face and forehead had stayed the way it was since I was sixty. If I started to meditate earlier in life. I would not have wrinkles at all. I met one student of meditation who grew back all his hair after he went bald. I am looking forward to turning my white hair back to black hair. That is said to be a distinct possibility when one conserves his sperm power and practise the secret formula of transforming the sperm power into Chi Energy and bringing it up into the head. I am working on it now.

Interview conducted in May 1980

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