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    a sowing factory worker

Mr. Kai-Ming Chau is a sewing factory worker in his mid-thirties. He was a Chinese coot before. He is married s has a happy family. Here's his experience in meditation practice.

Because of heavy work-load, long working hours and strenuous work, I had been very rundown in recent years. I had frequent pain and tightness in my neck. I saw a rheumatolegist who gave me a needle in my" neck. The pain and stiff-ness was relieved for a week and came right back. "Pills, needles and physical therapy gave no lasting relief. A year ago, I was found to have diabetes also. My doctor said that all I need was diet restriction. There is no need to take pills or get- insulin shots. However, I do notice that after I developed diabetes, I lost some weight and felt weaker. My neck and back pain seemed to have worsened too.

When I first learned meditation, my teacher taught me to stretch my tendons & joints, percuss the teeth together, exercise the tongue and do gentle calisthenics.

Later on, he instructed me to concentrate on my navel. I got a distending sensation in my navel. I was instructed to concentrate on subsequent acupuncture points on the energy path. I felt the energy as distending sensation in my back, my head, my forehead, my chest, and as extreme numbness in the tip of my tongue. At that point, my teacher said that I had completed the microcosmic orbit. That was three months after I started.

Subsequent to that stage of meditation practice, I was able to fall asleep much easier, and have a good night sleep. Also, there had been no pain or stiffness in my neck since. My diabetes remained under good control. I feel calm and peaceful after each meditation session, like removed far away from this world of turmoil and rat race.

Interview conducted in May 1980

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