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    an aviation mechanic

Mr. Richard Chin Is finished primary school mechanical technology

a sixty-one year old aviation mechanic. He was born in China and there. Subsequently, be came to the United States to study During the Second World War, he served in the United States Air

Force/ and was been working in

sent to the an airplane

battlefield in China factory since.









In the last few years, I had been feeling very much run-down. I caught cold easily and frequently. My hands and feet were always cold. My doctor said that I had poor circulation. I had terrible ringing in the ears, especially in the quietness at night, and more so after sexual intercourse. At night, I had difficulty passing urine, my prostate was enlarged, and I could not fall asleep. I also had frequent abdominal pain and my doctor couldn't determine the cause for it nor help me with it. I had a lot of gas, causing abdominal distension and I had frequent pain in the stomach area and the appendix area. I was always worried that I have ia hole in the stomach or acute appendicitis. I was not a nervous person, but I had to take valium 5 mg every night to quiet the ringing in the ears and the associated anxiety derived from the ear ringing. Sometimes I took Dahnano to help me sleep. Even then, I could not sleep well and I didn't wake up refreshed. I felt tired and lifeless day in and day out.

My doctor recommended that I practise Yoga. The difficult postures were too much for my stiff body. I felt very tired and sore all over after the Yoga exercises. I couldn't tolerate the Yoga exercises.

Recently, a friend recommended me to study Chinese meditation. My teacher transmitted his energy to me through my navel ------ the heat penetrated deep inside and my whole body became permeated with heat. I was amazed in the beginning & thought it was not real. This was not an illusion or hallucination, however, because I felt the heat every time. After a few times receiving life energy from my teacher, I gathered enough energy myself, and was able to generate heat in my navel area all by myself. As I mentioned earlier,my hands and feet were always cold. After I received the, life energy a few times, my body became warm all the time, especially when I was meditating.

Now that I have enough life-energy myself, I generate heat when I concentrate on my navel. I would bring the heat directly bacltwarc's to the spine and then the heat'would go up the spine by itself. Sometimes, the energy feels like "rings of cigarette smoke", rising from the tip of my spine up; sometimes, it rises up from the front of the body. Everytime I meditate, and the energy becomes manifest, my body starts to go into automatic movements (calisthenics). The automatis calisthenics are great. When I used to have a cold, it always drags on for days. Last week i had a cold, and when I meditated, the body started to exercise automatically ----- the cold went away immediately. At other times, running nose and stuffy nose gets relieved right-a-way as soon as I meditate.

After just over one month of roeditatior practice, my insomnia went away. I don't take Valium or Dalmane anymore. The ringing in the ears is still there, but it doesn't bother me anymore. It seems to have been pushed to the background. Nowadays, not only that I fall asleep much easier, I can go right back to sleep if happen to wake up in the middle of the night.

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