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hour Chi Kung to improve my health followed by one hour of Ch'an for spiritual advancement. Last time I went for a seven day retreat, I felt drained out. This time, after seven days of retreat, I feel stronger and more energised than ever before. I had just completed a seven day retreat with Master Sheng, The first two days, I felt very tired and achin: all over. On the third day, I had diarrhea four to five times, belched and passed a lot of gas. On the fifth day, I felt ener9ized and strong.

In Ch'an meditation, I was instructed, to practise non-attachment. I was instructed not to talk about Chi Energy.I was instructed to ignw ail bodily sensations, all visions, all sounds all voices and all thoughts. I was supposed ti dwell on complete emptiness ----- the Void, Because of that, although I practised Tao Esoteric Meditation with Master Chia, I had never felt the acupuncture points clearly. I had never felt the Chi Energy clearly. At the most, I felt some numbness, like insect crawling.

However, on Day 5 of this recent retreat, I felt that my back became very cool and in fact quite cold. Master Sheng suggested I add a heavy towel on my shoulders. The coolness continued all night and in fact permeated the whole body. Then, later on at night, a cool ray shot up the spine to the head. The cool ray was a very clear and definite experience,even though I am trained to ignore all sensations. As the cool beam of energy reached my head, the head became numb ----- very minb & distended. Thpn suddenly, the numbness melted away, the mind opened up, clear, calm, refreshed and totally relaxed. All drows-iness & mental mist were swept away. My eyes were brightened up. My mind was lit up. My sub- conscious mind seemed to have been pushed away ---- and only pure consciousness remained. I was ecstatic. I told Master Chia about it. He said that was the manifestation of Level III, the Lesser Enlightenment of the Kan & Li, because in Siao Kan Li the Chi Energy feels cool.

There is another interesting experience. When I practised the Fusion of the Five Elements, I noticed a whole row of "my duplication" in front of me, behind me and on my sides. I was surrounded by duplications of myself. I did not see them with ffly eyes but I felt them distinctly. I was amused but not attached, nor was I scared, because Master Sheng- Yen had repeatedly instructed me to ignore all hallucinations and illus ions.

I also had frequent precognitions of what Master Chia was going to teach me the next day. For example, I dreamt of two suns one night and tried to stare at them very hard and tried to merge them into one. The next day, Master Chia taught me to bring the energy form two energy centers and merge them into ---- he expressedly taught me to merge two circles of energy together. Then I told him my dream and he was surprised too.

The practice of Tao meditation and Ch’ an meditation is very rewarding and interestiing and I am detemined to explore deep deep into it.

Interview conducted in May 1980

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