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    a fashion designer

Mr. Hung-Wai LIU was a fashion designer in Taiwan, Republic of China. After he came to the United Skates, he worked as a Chinese cook. Here's a personal account of his experience with meditation.

When I was small, I had poor physique. I caught cold easily, felt dizzy all the time and my appetite was poor. Fifteen years ago, when I was twenty-one I joined a Taoist religious group in Taiwan named: The Holy Church of Heavenly Grace. After I became a member, I was asked to choose two precepts "out of twenty and I was expected to follow the two precepts all my life. Then, the teacher transmitted his life-force to me and from then on I had "energy" in my palm & my fingers, and I felt heat in my palm. Whenever my body was sick, all I had to do was to touch the area of sickness with my palm. After practising that method for a year, all my sicknesses went away. Thereafter, I stopped to practise ths method, because I had to work hard .to make a living.

After I ceane to the United States, I remained fairly healthy. However, working in the restaurant results in my reaching home two o'clock in the morning, going to bed at three and getting up one to two o'clock in the afternoon. I never woke up refreshed. When I opened my eyes, I was still in a dreamy state. Furthermore, I was a fashion designer back in my home country, but now I am a cook. A pessimistic outlook in life and mental depression is a usual feature in many immigrants and I was no exception. A lot of people in my same situation immerse themselves in gambling. Hah Jong, horse-racing and off-track-betting. Many seek sense gratification with prostitutes. After I practise Tao meditation with a teacher here in Mew York Chinatown, I sleep better and wake up refreshed and full of energy. But most importantly, my outlook in life brightened up, I become optimistic, and life is no longer a bore.

My teacher taught me to concentrate on my navel, and then after a period of time, he decided to transmit life-force to my navel, Ming-Men, top of my head and between my eyebrows. I felt a rush of heat energy rolling into my body projecting from his palm. With the slightest mental effort, the heat'wave rolled up my spine. After a while, I can build up my own heat at the acupuncture points and I can feel the energy flow distinctly.

I have advanced to Level III now and I have full control of my sex life. Whenever I sit dowr to meditate, my heart is filled with happiness, peace and satisfaction.

Interview conducted In June 1980

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