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    a auto machanic

Mr. Oswald Pierre is a thirty-nine years old auto mechanic, born and raised in Trinidad.

I got into meditation to attain a bettet state of mind. I couldn't relax and used to have so many useless thoughts racing, through my mind, Frustration and depression stepped into my life since I was twenty, and I was always feeling down. My family life was affected because of my state of mind. I did not have any medical attention until I came to this country five years ago I started to receive psychiatric care and psychotherapy. No tranquilizer was required, I just attended sessions after sessions of psychotherapy. These sessions helped somewhat, but these therapy sessions seemed never to come to an end. And besides, it didn't solve my problems completely.

I first read about meditation in the TM Book by this Indian master Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, He didn't emphasize that everyone must join his method of meditation. He said that it doesn't really matter where you go, as long as it is a competent master. I picked up ai copy of the Village Voice and found the Temple of Enlightenment. Master Sheng Yen taught me a Series of methods to develop concentration. It really helped, especially after a retreat. After six ncnths, I felt much healthier physically and my mind was no longer running crazily --- the mind became very quiet and rest in a pure state.

Subsequently, I was introduced to Master Chia. Master Chia's method is unlike the others in that it is more "body-oriented", and you strengthen your body 6 mind at the same time when you practise Master Chia's method. I have only practised five months under Master Chia. I cannot say that my calmness and relaxation can extend far beyond the period of practice S into daily life yet. However, there are tiroes when my mind is quite disturbed, I immediately practise meditation, and I can catm down quite rapidly. I can even hear my breathing and when I come out of it, I feel so calmed down like having taken a tranquilizer ----

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    yet it is so different from the use of tranquilizer, because after meditation, I am fully

aware, not desirous of sleep, but very calm. I can cope with life-stress much better now. Situations that made me angry before, can now be brushed away with a laugh. Sometimes, I work late on the cars in my job, and hardly sleep three hours at night. Master Chia asks me to practise the six-syllable relaxation fi breathiny exercise, and my energy come back right-a- way. Due to the long hours I have to work on the cars, I do not practise the methods regularly. I am sure I would do even better if I can find the time to do it regularly.

Interview conducted -in June 1980

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