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To use the alphanumeric keypad

As part of the registration process you will need to enter your name and address into the Digital Music Server. You can do this using the following keys on the remote control:



Enter Text

Use the alphanumeric keys on the remote control. For example, to type an S press the 7 key four times.

Switch between entering upper-case or lower-case letters

Press the action key labelled Caps or the *CAPS key on the remote control.

Enter a space.

Press the 0 key.

Delete a mistake

Press the +DELETE key on the remote control.

Move the cursor within the text

Press the or keys.

Alternatively you can use the built-in alphanumeric grid to enter details:

Press the key to move the cursor onto the grid, then use the , , , and keys to highlight

characters, and the

key to select them.

Use the key repeatedly to move the cursor back into the text entry box to return to normal text entry mode.

When you have completed each entry:

  • Press the OK action key on the front panel or the

  • button on the remote.

When you have entered your name and address details you will be prompted to select your country:

Press the or keys to highlight your country

and press the

key on the remote or the

action key on the front panel.


To connect your Digital Music Server to the Internet

The next sequence of screens helps you connect your Digital Music Server to the Internet.

Press the Cont. action key on the front panel or


key on the remote to begin.

The following screen then allows you to select from a range of options to set up your internet connection:

  • Press the or keys to select between the following options:

    • 1.

      Use Ethernet.

Use this option to connect to a high speed, broadband internet service via the Ethernet port.

Note: You will require additional networking hardware for this type of connection. Contact your dealer for further information.

Note: AOL and Compuserve accounts are not currently supported.


Use Modem - the built-in account.

Your Digital Music Server will connect using a pre- installed internet account for your country.

Note: The built-in Internet account may not be available for your country.


Use Modem - your own account.

If you are already using a computer to connect to the Internet via a telephone line, and you have an existing Internet account, you may prefer to use these account details for your Digital Music Server. If you do not know your username, password, and Internet account telephone number you may be able to read these from your computer’s settings; otherwise contact your Internet Service Provider for assistance.


Do not connect.

You should use this option if you do not presently have access to a telephone line (you may set up a connection later).

  • Press the action key on the front panel or the

key on the remote to select the option you have chosen.

If you have selected Use Ethernet follow the on- screen instructions to specify how your Digital Music Server obtains an Ethernet IP address. If you select the Manual option a series of screens will allow you to enter an IP address, IP mask, Gateway, IP DNS1 and IP DNS2.

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