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Your Digital Music Server can make new recordings onto the hard disk either by recording music directly from an audio CD placed in the CD tray, or by recording from another piece of equipment (such as a vinyl record player) using the line-in connectors on the back on the unit.

If you are recording directly from the CD tray your Digital Music Server can access the internet, using either a broadband connection (via the Ethernet port) or using the built-in modem, to automatically retrieve information about the CD. This information includes the album name, artist name, track names and music genre from the Gracenote CDDB Music Recognition Service and an album cover illustration from the XiVA on-line service.

If you do not provide an Internet connection you can label the CDs you record manually.


  • Press the OPEN/CLOSE key on the front panel to

open the CD tray.

  • Place a CD in the tray.

  • Push the OPEN/CLOSE key on the front panel.

The following prompt is automatically displayed:

  • Press the -Record action key to record the album

onto the hard disk.

Note: If you already have a CD in the tray, select the CD option from the Main Menu to display the contents of the disc; press the -Rec. CD to begin the recording process.

The following display then allows you to choose whether to do an auto (one-touch) recording of the entire CD, or a custom recording which allows you to select the tracks you want to record and the recording quality:

To make an automatic (one-touch) CD recording

  • Press the Auto key.

An Auto recording will automatically look up the track and artist information on the Gracenote CDDB Music Recognition Service and the album cover illustration on the XiVA on-line service, and then record all the tracks on the album.

The quality of the recording is specified in the Settings menu (under Default Recording Quality). For more information on the settings menu see the chapter called Advanced Settings p.38.

Once recording has begun your Digital Music Server will connect to the Internet to retrieve the CD information:

Once the search has been completed you will receive a confirmation to tell you if the CD has been found.

  • Press the OK key to continue.

The following display shows the approximate progress of the recording:

Once recording is complete the following screen confirms how many tracks have been successfully recorded.

  • Press the Open/Close button to remove the disc.


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