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To make a custom CD recording

The custom recording option lets you choose which tracks to record, the sound quality of the recording, and allows you to enter album information.

To make a custom recording:

  • Choose Custom from the “Please select Auto or

Custom record” screen.

A series of screens allow you to specify each of the recording options.


The tracks menu lets you specify which tracks you want to record:

Initially all tracks are selected, as indicated by a in front of the track number.

  • Press the Select key to unselect or select the highlighted track.

  • Press the or keys to step between tracks.

  • Press the None/All action key to unselect or select all of the tracks respectively.

When you have specified which tracks you want to record:

  • Press the Next key.

Record Quality

The Record Quality menu allows you to specify the recording quality:

  • Use the or keys to choose between Maximum (no compression used) or one of the MP3 compression options.

Note: The higher quality options use more space on your Digital Music Server hard disk, so you will not be able to record as many CDs.


In each case the display shows the total remaining recording time available at the specified recording quality.

  • Press the Select key to confirm your selection.

CD information

The CD information screen allows you to choose how to enter the album name, artist name, genre and tracks:

If you select Enter Information Later you can download the CD Information for all the CDs you have recorded by choosing Look Up from the Main Menu at a later time.

If you select Manually enter now a series of menus prompts you to enter the album name, artist name, and track titles:

  • Edit the album and artist name using the alphanumeric keys on your Digital Music Server remote control or by using the text grid on the front panel.

For more information about entering and editing names see the section called Entering and editing names, p.37.

After entering the album name and artist name, you will be prompted to select a genre:

  • Select a genre using the and keys.

  • Press the Select action key to confirm your

choice. You will finally be prompted to enter the track titles.

  • Edit each track title in the usual way, and press the Next key once each title is complete.

  • Once all the entries are complete recording will commence automatically.

If you select Automatically enter now your Digital Music Server will attempt to retrieve the correct CD

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