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information from both the Gracenote CDDB Service and the XiVA on-line service. You will receive confirmation if this search has been successful once the connection is complete. For information about setting up the Internet connection see Registering your Digital Music Server p.22.

If you do not have an Internet connection, or the CD is not listed in the database, it will be given names such as Album 35, Artist 21, and Track 1, Track 2 etc. and it will be classified in genre Unclassifiable.

CD-Text Support

If the CD you have inserted contains CD-Text information your Digital Music Server will use this information to label the recording appropriately.

Once the recording process has finished:

  • Press the Open/Close button to remove the disc.

If you have selected a recording quality using one of the MP3 compression settings, the compression process will begin once the Digital Music Server is idle.

Listening to music while recording a CD

You can play music from your music library while you are recording a CD.

  • If you are already playing music from the library press the Output action key to return to displaying information about the track you are playing.

If you are not already playing music from the library or wish to change the music you are

listening to, press the

key on the Digital

Music Server remote control and select music as normal.

For more information on selecting music for playback see the chapter called Playing Music p.30.

At any time you can return to see the progress of your recording by selecting CD from the Main Menu.

Note: During the recording process the update of the TV display may be slightly slower.



Using the line-in connectors on the back of your Digital Music Server you can make recordings from sources such as Minidisc, vinyl record and cassette. Before beginning a new recording make sure that the device you wish to record from is connected to one of the following inputs:

  • Digital Optical input

  • Digital Coaxial input

  • Analogue input

For more information on these connectors see the rear panel diagram on p.17.

To create a new line-in recording session

  • Display the Main Menu by pressing the action key on your Digital Music Server remote control.

  • If necessary use the or keys to highlight Line-In.

  • Press the Select key.

A series of screens allows you to set up the new recording. Line-in Source

The Line-in Source menu lets you specify which input connector to use for the new recording:

  • Use the or keys to choose the input your

device is connected to.

  • Press the Select key to confirm your selection.

Monitor Output

The Monitor Output menu allows you to select which output you would like to use to listen to the line-in recording:

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