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To begin recording a new track

  • Press the -Start action key.

At any time whilst the Line-In Record screen is visible press the %Pause action key to pause the recording. You can resume the recording again by pressing the -Start action key.

Recording will begin immediately; the track will automatically be named “Session Track 1”.

Each recording session is limited to a maximum duration; the [Remaining] indicator shows how much time remains for this session. To change the maximum recording duration:

  • Use the or keys to highlight the Time [Remaining] option and press the Edit action key.

  • Use the or keys to increase or decrease the duration. The amount of recording time available at the current quality setting is displayed above.

  • Press the OK action key to confirm the new setting.

Note: the maximum recording length for a single track is approximately 3 hours. If this duration is exceded a new track will be created automatically and recording will continue.

To change the name of the new track

Whilst the recording is in progress change the name of the new track as follows:

  • Use the or keys if necessary to highlight the Recording option and press the Edit action key.

  • Edit the track name using the alphanumeric keys on your Digital Music Server remote or by using the text grid on the front panel.

  • Press the OK action key.

To record additional tracks

  • Use the or keys if necessary to highlight the

track name option and press the New action key.

A new track named “Session Track 2” will begin recording. The New option will be unavailable for approximately 5 seconds after creating a new track.

Note: If your line-in recording is currently paused you will need to press the -Start action key to commence recording.

To end a line-in recording session Once you have finished adding tracks to the recording:

  • Use the or keys to highlight the End Session

option and press the Select action key. The following prompt is displayed:


  • Press the End action key to confirm your


Note: once a recording session has ended no further tracks may be added to this album.

Listening to music while recording from a line input

You can play music from your library while a line-in recording session is in progress:

  • Press the Hide action key to display the Main


Any music currently playing on your line-in monitor output will be audible once again. If nothing is currently playing music can be selected from the library as normal.

For more information on selecting music for playback see the following chapter called Playing Music.

At any time you can return to see the progress of your line-in recording session by selecting Line-in from the Main Menu. The monitor output selected at the start of the recording session will return to monitoring the line-in connection.

Note: During the recording process the update of the TV display may be slightly slower.

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