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Internet Access

This chapter describes the advanced settings that you can access from your Digital Music Server’s Settings Menu. Many of these settings were configured automatically for you when you registered your Digital Music Server. The settings should not need to be altered unless you want to change the configuration of your system.

Displays your Internet account details and allows you to edit them:

To display the Settings Menu

  • Display the Main Menu by pressing the key on your Digital Music Server remote control.

  • Press the or key to highlight the Settings option on the Main Menu.

  • Press the Select action key to display the Settings menu:

The following sections describes each of the options on the Settings menu.

Registration Details

Displays the registration details you entered when you registered your Digital Music Server, and allows you to edit them:

If you chose the Use Built-in Internet Account option when registering your Digital Music Server, the Internet account details were set up automatically for you.

Terms and Conditions

Displays the sequence of terms and conditions screens that were displayed during registration, and allows you to decline or accept the following options:

  • Whether you want to receive information on other Xantech products and services.

  • Whether you want to receive information about music and other related products from reputable organisations.

If you change your acceptance of any of these options you should re-register to transmit your new preferences.

Default Recording Quality

Allows you to specify the recording quality used when you record music using the Auto record option:

If you change any of these details you will be given the opportunity to re-transmit your updated registration information.

For each quality setting the screen shows the number of hours of recording time available at that setting.


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