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CD Recording Allows you to configure options for recording from a CD:

The Recording Speed setting allows you to reduce the speed at which audio is extracted from the CD during the recording process. When the Reject Damaged Tracks option is set to off the maximum recording speed will be increased, however damaged compact discs may produce errors in the recording. Any changes to these settings will take effect the next time a CD is recorded.


Allows you to select the language for the TV user interface - languages available are English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

System Information

Shows the serial number, production date, and software version number of your Digital Music Server. You may need to quote these if you contact Xantech for technical support.

System Settings

Provides a series of menus to allow you to change the hardware configuration on your Digital Music Server:

The following table summarises the settings available on each of the System Settings menus:




Modem Settings

Allows you to specify the following settings when connecting to the internet via the built-in modem: number of connection retries, whether to use tone or pulse dialling, and the modem initialisation string.

Ethernet Settings

Allows you to specify how your Digital Music Server obtains an IP address when connected to an Ethernet network. The Mode option allows you to select whether the IP address is set Manually, by a DHCP Server on the network, or by a BOOTP Server. If the Manual option is selected, use the Manual Ethernet Settings option to specify an IP Address, IP Mask and Gateway. If DHCP or BOOTP is selected the IP address, IP Mask and Gateway will be set automatically. Once the Mode option has been set correctly the assigned IP address, IP Mask, Gateway, DNS 1, and DNS 2 will be displayed as well as the MAC address of the unit.

Server Access

Allows you to configure options for accessing the Digital Music Server music collection from a home computer via the Ethernet connection. For more information see the chapter called Using your Digital Music Server with a Portable Player p.43.

Proxy Server Settings

Allows you to specify the IP Address and Port Number for internet access via a proxy server if required.

Controller Settings

Specifies the communication speed for the Controller port on the rear of the unit.

Video settings

Specifies whether the unit is configured for PAL or NTSC use.

Remote Diagnostics

Select this option if instructed to set up your modem to receive incoming calls from technical support staff.

Upgrade Unit

Select this option when supplied with a XiVA software upgrade disk for your Digital Music Server.

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