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Your XMusic Digital Music Server is capable of playing different music in several rooms simultaneously. This chapter explains how the remote control and front panel can be used to control different outputs of the Digital Music Server.

Multiroom Remote Control Use

Your Digital Music Server remote control can be configured so that every button press indicates to the system which output is to be controlled. This means that whenever infrared is received by the Digital Music Server the TV display will automatically switch to controlling the appropriate output.

To configure the remote with a default output

Press the HDD Audio and


simultaneously; hold them down for 1 second.

The HDD Audio button will remain lit for 20 seconds; the configuration process must be completed during this time.

  • Enter the 3 digit code corresponding to the output you would like to control (valid configurations are listed in Appendix A). For example, to set output 2 as your default output press:

0, 0, 2

  • Press the HDD Audio button again.

The HDD Audio button will blink twice to indicate that the configuration has been accepted. If the HDD Audio button does not blink twice begin the process again, taking care to enter the number correctly.

If the Digital Music Server is switched on during the configuration process the Enter Standby? prompt will appear once configuration is complete; pressing any navigation key on the remote should now cause the Digital Music Server to switch to the correct output. In the example above the top-right corner of your television screen will display the following:

To change output using the remote control

The Output button on the Digital Music Server remote control allows you to display information about the music you are currently listening to. It can also be used to select another output to control as follows:

  • Press the Output button on the Digital Music

Server remote control. The following screen is displayed:


The output screen indicates what is playing on the currently selected output.

  • Press the Output button again to switch to the next output.

  • Once the required output number is displayed, press the Hide key to hide the output display.

In the previous example the television screen would now show:

Any subsequent press on this remote will now control output 3.

Press the Default o/p button at any stage to return to controlling your default output. This button will also automatically display the Library menu.

Direct Media Select

The Digital Music Server remote control can be used to select music from the library without any reference to the TV user interface.

This mode, called Direct Media Select, may be used to select music from the library and control playback (e.g. play, pause, stop etc.) using simple infrared commands with no effect on the TV user interface. To set your remote control in Direct Media Select mode follow the instructions in the previous To configure the remote with a default output section selecting a Direct Media Select output from the settings listed in Appendix A.

To select music from the library using Direct Media Select mode

An album, artist, genre or playlist may be selected for playback using a “sequence” number. The following examples show how to select music using this method:

Example 1: selecting an album by the number assigned to it when it was recorded onto the unit:

Album, 5 will play album number five.

Example 2: selecting an artist by its location in an alphabetical list:

Artist, 7, 7 will play all the tracks by artist number seventy-seven.

Example 3: selecting a genre by its location in an alphabetical list:

Genre, 2, 2 will select the 22nd genre (Rock) for playback.

Example 4: selecting a playlist by the number assigned to it when it was created on the unit:

Playlist, 8 will select playlist number eight.

The simple commands used to select your music without reference to the TV User Interface may also be used by other “learning” remote controls and simple multiroom control systems. The presets area of your library is ideal for an application such as this, allowing you to select from your current favourites at the touch of a button. Contact your local dealer for more information on installing this type of equipment.

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