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up to and including October, 2011*. The percent of annual increases built into twelve (12) month per site costs should be identified in a justification included in your cost proposal. In addition to the 12 month per site cost proposals the total operating and maintenance costs per site through October 2011* should be provided on the Cost Summary Form found in Section 5.5.1 or Proposer’s comparable spreadsheet of similar formatting. **************Any proposals presented in a format that does not allow for the identification of twelve (12) month per site costs in addition to the completion of the form found in the Cost Summary Form (or proposer’s similarly formatted spreadsheet) will not be considered.****************** The cost proposals should calculate costs beginning with the start of the work of maintaining and operating the seven (7) monitoring sites (after all training requirements are met).

Proposal costs will be evaluated assuming a project start date of November 1, 2004.

The proposal for each year should include an annual fixed cost and an estimate of consumables and equipment maintenance and routine repair costs for each site. Fixed costs and consumable replacement costs will be on a cost reimbursement basis, no more frequently than monthly. Annual operating and maintenance costs for a period of up to and including October, 2011* shall be included as part of the proposal. Awarded contractor(s) shall be reviewed annually by University and continuation of the contract shall be based on satisfactory performance during the preceding year. “Satisfactory performance” shall be at the discretion of The University of Texas at Austin.

Please note: The University’s initial purchase of the equipment included the manufacturer’s standard warranty for this equipment. No extended warranties have been purchased by the University. For purposes of proposal preparation, the University anticipates that equipment standard warranties will expire approximately eight (8) months after an awarded vendor begins operations and maintenance services against any resulting contract based on this RFP.

The University has not pre-purchased any long-term equipment service agreements from the manufacturer. Proposer shall include the cost of equipment maintenance, in their proposal. If proposer intends to subcontract equipment maintenance, this subcontractor should be clearly identified in the submitted proposal. Should proposer subcontract equipment maintenance to a vendor other than the manufacturer of the equipment, proposer should verify that the subcontractor is qualified (trained/certified) to maintain the equipment.

Proposers shall provide a description of the project team organization and responsibilities of each team member. Proposers should provide adequate documentation to demonstrate the training and experience of all personnel that will be assigned to this project and their assignment in the project team organization proposed. This documentation should include the specific training and experience each person has with the instrumentation listed previously (or equivalent) and TCEQ data validation protocols. Proposers should also address in their project organization how they will provide back-up coverage at each site with trained personnel when the operator assigned to a site is ill, on vacation, or otherwise not at work.

All proposers should provide a minimum of ten (10) references. References provided should include a primary contact name, company/organization name, company/organization address,

telephone number, and email address (if applicable), for each of the ten references.



the ten references provided by proposer, shall reflect ten projects the proposer

completed or is currently conducting in Texas, with requirements similar to request. Proposer shall supply a summary of the project, for each of the University reserves the option to contact any or all references provided.

those outlined in ten references.

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