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After submission of a proposal but before final selection of the successful Proposer is made, University may permit a Proposer to revise its proposal in order to obtain the Proposer's best and final offer. In that event, representations made by Proposer in its revised proposal, including price and fee quotes, will be binding on Proposer. University will provide each Proposer within the competitive range with an equal opportunity for discussion and revision of its proposal. University is not obligated to select the Proposer offering the most attractive economic terms if that Proposer is not the most advantageous to University overall, as determined by University.

University reserves the right to (a) enter into an agreement for all or any portion of the requirements and specifications set forth in this RFP with one or more Proposers, (b) reject any and all proposals and re-solicit proposals, or (c) reject any and all proposals and temporarily or permanently abandon this selection process, if deemed to be in the best interests of University. Proposer is hereby notified that University will maintain in its files concerning this RFP a written record of the basis upon which a selection, if any, is made by University.


Proposer's Acceptance of Evaluation Methodology

By submitting a proposal, Proposer acknowledges (1) Proposer's acceptance of [a] the Proposal Evaluation Process (ref. Section 1.5 of APPENDIX ONE), [b] the Criteria for Selection (ref. 2.3 of this RFP), [c] the Specifications (ref. Section 5 of this RFP), [d] the terms and conditions of the Agreement (ref. APPENDIX TWO), and [e] all other requirements and specifications set forth in this RFP; and (2) Proposer's recognition that some subjective judgments must be made by University during this RFP process.


Solicitation for Proposal and Proposal Preparation Costs

Proposer understands and agrees that (1) this RFP is a solicitation for proposals and University has made no representation written or oral that one or more agreements with University will be awarded under this RFP; (2) University issues this RFP predicated on University’s anticipated requirements for the Services, and University has made no representation, written or oral, that any particular scope of services will actually be required by University; and (3) Proposer will bear, as its sole risk and responsibility, any cost that arises from Proposer’s preparation of a proposal in response to this RFP.

    • 1.8

      Proposal Requirements and General Instructions

      • 1.8.1

        Proposer should carefully read the information contained herein and submit a complete proposal in response to all requirements and questions as directed.

      • 1.8.2

        Proposals and any other information submitted by Proposer in response to this RFP will become the property of University.

      • 1.8.3

        University will not provide compensation to Proposer for any expenses incurred by the Proposer for proposal preparation or for demonstrations or oral presentations that may be made by Proposer, unless otherwise expressly agreed in writing. Proposer submits its proposal at its own risk and expense.

      • 1.8.4

        Proposals that (i) are qualified with conditional clauses; (ii) alter, modify, or revise this RFP in any way; or (iii) contain irregularities of any kind, are subject to disqualification by University, at University’s sole discretion.

      • 1.8.5

        Proposals should be prepared simply and economically, providing a straightforward, concise description of Proposer's ability to meet the requirements and specifications of this RFP. Emphasis should be on completeness, clarity of content, and responsiveness to the requirements and specifications of this RFP.

      • 1.8.6

        University makes no warranty or guarantee that an award will be made as a result of this RFP. University reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, waive any formalities, procedural requirements, or minor technical inconsistencies, and delete any requirement or specification from this RFP or the Agreement when deemed to be in University's best interest. University reserves the right to seek clarification from any Proposer concerning any item contained in its proposal prior to final selection. Such clarification may be provided by telephone conference or personal meeting with or writing to University, at University’s sole discretion. Representations made by Proposer within its proposal will be binding on Proposer.

      • 1.8.7

        Any proposal that fails to comply with the requirements contained in this RFP may be rejected by University, in University’s sole discretion.

    • 1.9

      Preparation and Submittal Instructions

      • 1.9.1

        Specifications and Additional Questions

Proposals must include responses to information requested in Specifications and Additional Questions (ref. Section 5 of this RFP). Proposer should reference the item number and repeat the question in its response. In cases where a question does not apply or if unable to respond, Proposer should refer to the item number, repeat the question, and indicate N/A (not applicable) or N/R (no response), as appropriate. Proposer should explain the reason when responding N/A or N/R.


Execution of Offer

Proposer must complete, sign and return the attached Execution of Offer (ref. Section 2 of APPENDIX ONE) as part of its proposal. The Execution of Offer must be signed by a representative of Proposer duly authorized


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