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to bind the Proposer to its proposal. Any proposal received without a completed and signed Execution of Offer may be rejected by University, in its sole discretion.


Pricing and Delivery Schedule

Proposer must complete and return the Pricing and Delivery Schedule (ref. Section 6 of this RFP), as part of its proposal. In the Pricing and Delivery Schedule, the Proposer should describe in detail (a) the total fees for the entire scope of the Services; and (b) the method by which the fees are calculated. The fees must inclusive of all associated costs for delivery, labor, insurance, taxes, overhead, and profit.

University will not recognize or accept any charges or fees to perform the Services that are not specifically stated in the Pricing and Delivery Schedule.

In the Pricing and Delivery Schedule, Proposer should describe each significant phase in the process of providing the Services to University, and the time period within which Proposer proposes to be able to complete each such phase.


Proposer’s General Questionnaire

Proposals must include responses to the questions in Proposer’s General Questionnaire (ref. Section 3 of APPENDIX ONE). Proposer should reference the item number and repeat the question in its response. In cases where a question does not apply or if unable to respond, Proposer should refer to the item number, repeat the question, and indicate N/A (Not Applicable) or N/R (No Response), as appropriate. Proposer should explain the reason when responding N/A or N/R.


Addenda Checklist

Proposer should acknowledge all Addenda to this RFP (if any) by completing, signing and returning the Addenda Checklist (ref. Section 4 of APPENDIX ONE) as part of its proposal. Any proposal received without a completed and signed Addenda Checklist may be rejected by University, in its sole discretion.



Proposer should submit all proposal materials enclosed in a sealed envelope, box, or container. The RFP No. (ref. Section 1.3 of this RFP) and the Submittal Deadline (ref. Section 2.1 of this RFP) should be clearly shown in the lower left-hand corner on the top surface of the container. In addition, the name and the return address of the Proposer should be clearly visible.

Upon Proposer’s request and at Proposer’s expense, University will return to a Proposer its proposal received after the Submittal Deadline if the proposal is properly identified. University will not consider a proposal received after the Submittal Deadline under any circumstances.

University will not accept proposals submitted by telephone, proposals submitted by Facsimile (“FAX”) transmission, or proposals submitted by electronic transmission (i.e., e-mail) in response to this RFP.

Except as otherwise provided in this RFP, no proposal may be changed, amended, or modified after it has been submitted to University. However, a proposal may be withdrawn and resubmitted at any time prior to the Submittal Deadline. No proposal may be withdrawn after the Submittal Deadline without University’s consent, which will be based on Proposer's submittal of a written explanation and documentation evidencing a reason acceptable to University, in University’s sole discretion.

By signing the Execution of Offer (ref. Section 2 of APPENDIX ONE) and submitting a proposal, Proposer certifies that any terms, conditions, or documents attached to or referenced in its proposal are applicable to this procurement only to the extent that they (a) do not conflict with the laws of the State of Texas or this RFP and

    • (b)

      do not place any requirements on University that are not set forth in this RFP or in the Appendices to this RFP. Proposer further certifies that the submission of a proposal is Proposer's good faith intent to enter into the Agreement with University as specified herein and that such intent is not contingent upon University's acceptance or execution of any terms, conditions, or other documents attached to or referenced in Proposer’s proposal.

      • 1.9.7

        Page Dividers

Preprinted material should be referenced in the proposal and included as labeled attachments. Sections within a proposal should be divided by tabs for ease of reference.


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