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      • 3.1.8

        Does any relationship exist (whether by family kinship, business association, capital funding agreement, or any other such relationship) between Proposer and any employee of University? If yes, Proposer will explain.

      • 3.1.9

        Proposer will provide the name and Social Security Number for each person having at least 25% ownership interest in Proposer. This disclosure is mandatory pursuant to Section 231.005, Family Code, and will be used for the purpose of determining whether an owner of Proposer with an ownership interest of at least 25% is more than 30 days delinquent in paying child support.

    • 3.2

      Approach to Project Services

      • 3.2.1

        Proposer will provide a statement of the Proposer’s service approach and will describe any unique benefits to University from doing business with Proposer. Proposer will briefly describe its approach for each of the required services identified in Section 5.4 Scope of Work of this RFP.

      • 3.2.2

        Proposer will provide an estimate of the earliest starting date for services following execution of an Agreement.

      • 3.2.3

        Proposer will submit a work plan with key dates and milestones. The work plan should include:


          Identification of tasks to be performed for the options (s) being proposed;


          Time frames to perform the identified option(s) and tasks;


          Project management methodology;


          Implementation strategy; and


          The expected time frame in which the services would be implemented.

      • 3.2.4

        Proposer will describe the types of reports or other written documents Proposer will provide (if any) and the

frequency of reporting, if more frequent than required in the RFP. Proposer will include samples of reports and documents if appropriate.

    • 3.3

      General Requirements

      • 3.3.1

        Proposer wiil provide summary resumes for its proposed key personnel who will be providing services under the Agreement with University, including their specific experiences with similar service projects, and number of years of employment with Proposer.

      • 3.3.2

        Proposer will describe any difficulties it anticipates in performing its duties under the Agreement with University and how Proposer plans to manage these difficulties. Proposer will describe the assistance it will require from University.

    • 3.4

      Service Support

Proposer will describe its service support philosophy, how is it implemented, and how Proposer measures its success in maintaining this philosophy.


Quality Assurance

Proposer will describe its quality assurance program, its quality requirements, and how they are measured.

    • 3.6


      • 3.6.1

        Proposer will provide a list of any additional services or benefits not otherwise identified in this RFP that Proposer would propose to provide to University.

      • 3.6.2

        Proposer will provide details describing any unique or special services or benefits offered or advantages to be gained by University from doing business with Proposer.

      • 3.6.3

        Does Proposer have a contingency plan or disaster recovery plan in the event of a disaster? If so, then Proposer will provide a copy of the plan.


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