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    Contractor warrants, represents, covenants, and agrees to call to University’s attention all information in any reports, studies, plans, drawings, specifications, lists, computations, art work, sketches, models, data, photographs, tapes, renderings, publications, instructions, information, requirements, procedures and all other documentation and materials supplied to Contractor (by University or any other party) that it regards in its opinion as unsuitable, improper or inaccurate in connection with the purposes for which such documentation or material is furnished. Nothing shall excuse or detract from Contractor’s responsibilities or obligations hereunder in a case where such documentation or material is furnished, unless Contractor advises University in writing that in its opinion such documentation or material and any requests made therein for action are unsuitable, improper or inaccurate and University confirms in writing that it wishes Contractor to proceed in accordance with the documentation and material as originally given.

  • g.

    Contractor warrants, represents, covenants and agrees that it shall, at its own cost, correct any defects in the Work as soon as is practical after Contractor becomes aware of such defects or is notified of such defects. Should Contractor refuse or neglect to make good such defects within a reasonable time after receiving notice requesting such remedial work, then University shall be entitled to make good such defective Work at the expense of Contractor. This commitment by Contractor is in addition to, and not in substitution for, any other remedy for defective Work that University may have at law or in equity.

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    Contractor warrants, represents, and agrees that if (i) it is a corporation or limited liability company, then it is a corporation duly organized, validly existing and in good standing under the laws of the State of Texas, or a foreign corporation or limited liability company duly authorized and in good standing to conduct business in the State of Texas, that it has all necessary corporate power and has received all necessary corporate approvals to execute and deliver this Agreement, and the individual executing this Agreement on behalf of Contractor has been duly authorized to act for and bind Contractor; or (ii) if it is a partnership, limited partnership, or limited liability partnership, then it has all necessary partnership power and has secured all necessary approvals to execute and deliver this Agreement and perform all its obligations hereunder; and the individual executing this Agreement on behalf of Contractor has been duly authorized to act for and bind Contractor.

  • i.

    Neither the execution and delivery of this Agreement by Contractor nor the performance of its obligation hereunder will result in the violation of any provision, if a corporation, of Contractor’s articles of incorporation or by-laws, if a limited liability company, of its articles of organization or regulations, or if a partnership, by any partnership agreement by which Contractor is bound, or any agreement by which Contractor is bound or to the best of Contractor's knowledge and belief will conflict with any order or decree of any court or governmental instrumentality relating to Contractor.


Except for the obligation of University to pay Contractor certain fees and expenses pursuant to the terms of this Agreement, University shall have no liability to Contractor or to anyone claiming through or under Contractor by reason of the execution or performance of this Agreement. Notwithstanding any obligation or liability of University to Contractor, no present or future partner or affiliate of University or any agent, officer, director, employee, or regent of University, The University of Texas System, or of the components comprising The University of Texas System, or anyone claiming under University has or shall have any personal


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