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RR. Post-consumer coating. “Post-consumer coating” means a finished coating that would have been disposed of in a landfill, having completed its usefulness to a consumer, and does not include manufacturing wastes.

SS. Pre-treatment wash primer. “Pre-treatment wash primer” means a primer that contains a minimum of 0.5 acid, by weight, when tested in accordance with ASTM Designation D 1613-96 (1999), incorporated by reference in section 6(E)(5), that is labeled and formulated for application directly to bare metal surfaces to provide corrosion resistance and to promote adhesion of subsequent topcoats.

TT. Primer. “Primer” means a coating labeled and formulated for application to a substrate to provide a firm bond between the substrate and subsequent coats.

UU. Quick-dry enamel. “Quick-dry enamel” means a nonflat coating that is labeled as specified in section 4(H) and that is formulated to have the following characteristics: is capable of being applied directly from the container under normal conditions with ambient temperatures between 16O and 27OC (60O and 80OF); when tested in accordance with ASTM Designation D 1640-95 (1999), incorporated by reference in section 6(E)(6), sets to touch in two hours or less, is tack free in four hours or less, and dries hard in eight hours or less by the mechanical test methods; and has a dried film gloss of 70 or above on a 60-degree meter.

VV. Quick-dry primer sealer and undercoater. “Quick-dry primer sealer and undercoater” means a primer sealer or undercoater that is dry to the touch in 30 minutes and can be re-coated in two hours when tested in accordance with ASTM Designation D 1640-95 (1999), incorporated by reference in section 6(E)(6).

WW. Recycled coating. “Recycled coating” means an architectural coating formulated such that not less than 50 percent of the weight consists of secondary and post-consumer coating, with not less than 10 percent of the total weight consisting of post-consumer coating.

XX. Roof coating. “Roof coating” means a non-bituminous coating labeled and formulated exclusively for application to roofs for the primary purpose of preventing penetration of the substrate by water or reflecting heat and ultraviolet radiation. Metallic pigmented roof coatings, which qualify as metallic pigmented coatings, shall not be considered in this category, but shall be considered to be in the metallic pigmented coatings category.

YY. Rust preventive coating. “Rust preventive coating” means a coating formulated exclusively for nonindustrial use to prevent the corrosion of metal surfaces and labeled as specified in section 4(F).

ZZ. Sanding sealer. “Sanding sealer” means a clear or semi-transparent wood coating labeled and formulated for application to bare wood to seal the wood and to provide a coat that can be abraded to create a smooth surface for subsequent applications of coatings. A sanding sealer that also meets the definition of a laquer is not included in this category, but it is included in the lacquer category.

Chapter 151: Architectural and Industrial Maintenance Coatings


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