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Candidate Information Pack

Maternity / Paternity Benefits The Council maternity scheme entitles employees with over a year’s service to 26 weeks paid maternity leave and 26 weeks unpaid leave. Employees with less than a year’s service will be entitled to 26 weeks and maternity allowance. With respect to Paternity, employees are entitled to 2 weeks paid time off. Further details on the full benefits of both schemes can be obtained from the Council.

The Council do participate in the “Right to Ask” which enables parents returning from maternity leave to request the right for flexible working.

Probation Employment with the Council is subject to a probationary period of six months if you have not completed six months continuous Local Government service on appointment.

Notice If you wish to terminate your employment with the Council you will be required to give the following


Band A – F

One Month

Band G – J

Two Months

Band K – M

Three Months

N / CD / CE

Three Months

If the contract was to be terminated by the Council, the minimum period of notice to which you are entitled in accordance with the provisions of the appropriate Employment Legislation is one month or the statutory minimum, whichever is the greater.

Retirements It is the Council’s policy that all employees are required to retire on attaining the age of 65 years.

Union Membership The Council are committed to collective arrangements for staff consultation and bargaining. Employees are encouraged to join a recognised trade union and to take part in its activities.

Grievance, Disciplinary and Capability Procedures All employees shall have recourse to and be subject to the Grievance, Disciplinary and Capability Procedures.

Politically Restricted Posts The Local Government and Housing Act 1989 puts restrictions on certain local government employees (according to status, salary level and the nature of duties) preventing them from taking part in some types of political activities. If an employee is appointed to such a post he/she will be advised of this and given full details of the implications and any right of appeal. If an employee subsequently moves into a restricted category he/she will be advised of this on an individual basis.


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