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messages from the various DoD shipper systems but has not provided a date of when the necessary DIS enhancements will be completed.  

Mr. Schutz stated that he was encouraged that USTRANSCOM, SDDC, and the Services are taking the necessary steps to implement the CONOPS.  

AIP 5 and 14 – Emergency Response and AA&E Metrics

Emergency Response

Ms. Rita Woolwine, USNORTHCOM, provided an update on the emergency response Executive Agent (EA) change proposal. During the Dec 2007 ICG meeting, Army proposed that USNORTHCOM assume EA for DoD response to transportation mishaps based on a report written by LMI regarding the subject.  Ms Woolwine stated that USNORTHCOM non-concurred with Army’s proposal. Ms.Woolwine referenced the LMI report DOD Emergency Response to CONUS Transportation Mishaps Involving Military Munitions dated April 2006.  She stated that USNORTHCOM disagreed with the recommendation in the report that USNORTHCOM’s Army Service Component Command (ASCC) be responsible for managing the emergency response process for AA&E transportation incidents.  Currently, the Department of Army’s Service Watch Cell (ASWC) is responsible for contacting explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) support and requesting they respond to an incident.  The LMI report pointed out that if a shipment requires explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) support near an Air Force base, the ASWC does not have the authority to task the Air Force to respond.  The LMI report noted that USNORTHCOM might have more control to direct the Services to respond once their ASCC is established. Ms Woolwine pointed out that USNORTHCOM’s ASCC is ARNORTH which does not own/control any forces on a day-to-day basis.  USNORTHCOM has no control over installations.  She stated that if there is an issue with Air Force units responding, it needs to be addressed with Air Force – changing EA will not solve the problem. Mr. Mario Harley, US Navy, stated that Navy stands ready to support any request by the ASWC to respond to an incident.  

At this point USNORTHCOM is not willing to take over the ASWC function or the EA role for transportation incidents. Ms Woolwine will staff at the GO/FO level and provide an official response at the next ICG meeting.    

The AA&E Transportation Subgroup was also assigned an action to address the EOD notification concern identified in the LMI report that the ASWC does not have the authority to direct other Service EOD teams who may be closer to the accident site. Secondly, the issue of being able to measure the effectiveness and efficiency of the formal EOD notification process was discussed and the subgroup will examine how best to capture that metric.    

Distribution and Notification Metrics

AA&E Interagency Coordination Group Minutes – June 3, 200811

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