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Ms. Maggie Batchelor, USTRANSCOM, provided an overview of some metrics that DTTS currently captures as well as a number of new metrics that the ICG Transportation Subgroup would like DTTS and SDDC to capture in the future.  Some of the metrics that the ICG Transportation Subgroup would like DTTS and SDDC to begin capturing include:

Carrier missed RDDs

DTTS panic button usage compliance (will monitor frequency of carriers calling or texting DTTS to alert them of an incident vice initiating a panic button alert)

Carrier terminal compliance (security requirement failures and shipments exceeding authorized stay limits)

TRANSS inspection findings

Carrier failure to initiate a DTTS “offload” or “arrival” message

Carrier departs a terminal without initiating DTTS (Carrier NIS)

Carrier performance exception reports

Mr. Clay Carter, SDDC, mentioned that SDDC already captures some of the metrics for which USTRANSCOM and the Subgroup are looking.  Ms. Batchelor asked Mr. Carter to send her the metrics that they are capturing.   

Dr. Josephine Covino, DoD Explosives Safety Board (DDESB), reported that DDESB also requires some metrics. MAJ Fagerheim and Mr. Kim Morrison, SDDC, will work with Dr. Covino and provide the metrics that DDESB is requesting.   

Ms. Batchelor also stated that the Military Services would receive the draft Business Rules governing these metrics by 16 June 2008.

AIP 10 - AA&E Research, Development, Test & Evaluation

Mr. Robert Rossi, Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC), presented AIP 10.  He reviewed the tasking and the key organizations that are involved in AA&E Research, Development, Testing, and Evaluation (RDT&E).  Mr. Rossi reported that ARDEC has established and chartered a working group comprised of members from Army (lead agent), Navy, USMC, Air Force, USTRANSCOM and OSD-DDR&E.  

The working group recently contracted with SAIC to develop an on-line collaborative portal so that the various RDT&E organizations can coordinate their various AA&E-related research efforts with each other.  Mr. Rossi provided an overview of some of the portal’s planned features.  ARDEC is awaiting delivery of

AA&E Interagency Coordination Group Minutes – June 3, 200812

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