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the portal from SAIC.  They expect it to be completed in July or August 2008.  

The next steps include populating the database and marketing the portal’s capabilities.  ARDEC is looking for funding sources for database management and maintenance.  

Mr. Schutz asked that ARDEC provide a demonstration of the portal at the next ICG meeting.   Mr. Rossi agreed.

AIP 11 and 13 – Knowledge Management and Training

Knowledge Management (AIP 11)

Mr. Bill Scott, Defense Ammunition Center (DAC), provided an AIP 11 update.  He presented a list of efforts that are underway by DAC’s team.  An in-progress review (IPR) was held in April, and the team was tasked to take all the efforts and illustrate how they are interrelated.  A concept map was developed to show these relationships.  Developing the taxonomy is a challenge in developing the portals.  Mr. Scott presented how a new technology called a hyperbolic browser works and allows users to develop their own taxonomy.  The browser allows individuals to build their own knowledge repositories.  Mr. Scott also presented what the portal and HAZMAT Community of Practice (CoP) may look like.  

The next steps include determining where the HAZMAT portal will be hosted, putting together a marketing plan, and standing it up this summer.  DAC is very close to completion of the portal.  

Mr. Scott then briefed an issue surrounding the changes to the Ammo-62 HAZMAT certification course.  The new course includes both classroom and on-line distance learning, but the DTR requires that students complete an 80 hour HAZMAT certification course.  SDDC checked with the Services, and the Services did not agree that a change to the DTR was necessary.  DAC wants to be sure they are compliant with the regulation.  The course is changing from one course to four courses and some parts will be on-line.  A pilot will be held at two installations (Ft. Lewis and Ft. Carson) in the August/September 2008 timeframe.  

DAC, SDDC, and the Services will research if the 80 hour requirement in the DTR is still needed.  The team will come to closure on the interpretation of the language to allow DAC to move forward with the new training by  August 1, 2008.  

Training (AIP 13)

Mr. Bill Tanner, LMI, provided an overview of task that LMI recently completed for DAC.  The task objectives were to:

Assess student satisfaction with the training courses

AA&E Interagency Coordination Group Minutes – June 3, 200813

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