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Determine if the training meets the needs of DoD AA&E personnel

Assess the effect the training has on a participant’s performance on the job

Compare the satisfaction of students taking in-classroom courses and distance learning courses

LMI approached the task by surveying students that completed the Ammo-37, Ammo-43-DL, Ammo-51-DL, Ammo-62, and Ammo-67-DL courses between April and October 2007.  LMI collaborated with DAC and SI International in developing a web-based survey fore each course.  The survey was issued from February 11 to March 21, 2008.  LMI delivered the Defense Ammunition Center Training Satisfaction Survey report, dated April 2008.

The key findings of the report are as follows:

Majority of students take the courses to satisfy a job requirement or based on a supervisor’s recommendation.  ~25% take the courses on their own initiative.

Students are highly satisfied with DAC training courses

The in-classroom exercises are beneficial to students

Students are satisfied with the mode of instruction (in-class vs. DL)

Some students still face barriers to completing DL courses, primarily time to complete the course while continuing to work full time, and available technical resources

The recommendations of the report include:

Offer training modules, to enable students to focus on the most relevant aspects of their specific jobs

Develop more examples and exercises, particularly for distance learning courses

Direct students to resources they can use while back on their job

Provide a POC for each course that students (particularly distance learning students) may contact

The third recommendation, direct students to resources they can use while back on their job, lends itself to the need for the knowledge management portal that DAC is developing.

AA&E Interagency Coordination Group Minutes – June 3, 200814

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