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AA&E ICG Transportation Subgroup Update

Mr. Leo Gonano, Army, provided an AA&E ICG Transportation Subgroup update.  

Since the last ICG, the subgroup transferred the chairperson responsibility from Navy to Army, reviewed and provided a number of revisions to the proposed changes to the DTR (Chap 205), proposed a number of revisions to the Chap 205 TPS decision tables, and unified the Services position on SEV use during FPCON “Charlie.”

Ongoing initiatives include:

Adoption of trailer tracking technology

Identification of munitions carrier performance metrics

Military Services visibility of AA&E TDRs

Enhanced control of AA&E shipments parking in the public domain

DTTS II website introduction

Automated web-based TPS decision tool

Mr. Gonano asked the group where the automated web-based TPS decision tool should be hosted.  An action was taken to pursue hosting with JMC.  

DHS / TSA Initiatives

Mr. Juan Figueroa, DHS, provided an update on DHS/TSA initiatives.  He mentioned that DHS also has a forum similar to the ICG within DHS.  DHS’ forum is the Government Coordinating Council (GCC).  Many of the same topics that were discussed here are discussed at the GCC.  DHS needs to get more private sector involvement in the GCC since the private sector owns 85% of the infrastructure.  DHS will be working with OUSD (I) on the threat analysis issue.  

Mr. Phil Forjan, TSA, was not able to attend the meeting; Mr. Figueroa asked that ICG members contact him directly if there are questions about the centralized truck tracking center capability discussed at the last ICG.  

Mr. Schutz mentioned that Department of Transportation (DOT) is also a member of the ICG; hopefully a new representative will be able to attend the next meeting.  

Meeting Conclusion

AA&E Interagency Coordination Group Minutes – June 3, 200815

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