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Conducted a survey to assess the AA&E training curriculum

Identified potential members of the HAZMAT Community of Practice for DAC’s Knowledge Management Portal

Other updates since the last meeting include continued work on the DTTS Trailer Tracking CONOPS and business rules, the LMI support contract was extended through spring 2009, and the ICG Transportation Sub-Group continues to meet to address and coordinate key AA&E issues.

Mr. Schutz also discussed other coordination efforts in the area of AA&E safety and security.   Mr. Schutz noted that he plans to continue attending Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Government Coordinating Council (GCC) and Modal GCC meetings and will provide DoD input to transportation security documents.  

Mr. Schutz reviewed the following open actions from the last meeting.

Action Item:  Navy requested that OUSD (I) provide the ICG with the policy which requires the Services to provide AA&E loss reports to OUSD (I).  

Update:  CDR Spangler, Navy, requested that it be noted that Navy provides AA&E loss reports for all major losses, not all losses.  A policy is still needed for loss reporting so that all services can comply accordingly.

Action Item:  OUSD (I), Defense Security Service (DSS), and the Defense Contract Management Agency (DCMA) planned to meet to address many of the findings within the AA&E Contractor Security assessment

Update:  Mr. Michael Earhart, USD (I), reported that OUSD (I) is working to hire additional staff in the next few weeks.  OUSD (I) plans to meet with DCMA and DSS in the next coming weeks to discuss the report’s findings.  Mr. Loviska, DCMA, reported that a contractor submitted a request for a waiver to OUSD (I) about the movement of AA&E from one facility to another over a short distance (less than a mile), but crosses a public road, thus Transportation Protection Services (TPS) are required. The contractor is waiting on a response.  Mr. Loviska asked that OUSD (I) provide and answer to the contractor.  

Action Item:  OUSD (TP) and OUSD (I) to meet with JS-J4 to discuss what steps, if any, should be taken to determine if each COCOM’s security criteria are in compliance with 5100.76-M

Update:  This item is still open.

Mr. Schutz reported that OSD TP will continue to monitor progress, keep the AA&E community informed, and post AIP status updates and products/assessments to

AA&E Interagency Coordination Group Minutes – June 3, 20082

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