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Following the FMS presentation an unrelated discussion ensued regarding Security Risk Categories (SRCs).  Mr. Earhart, USD (I), mentioned that the categories for some AA&E items may be changing.  For example, grip stocks for missiles are currently SRC 3, but will be changed to SRC 1.   Mr. Mario Harley, US Navy, asked what other changes are expected because changing security categories has a significant impact on the cost to store and transport AA&E.  Mr. Harley said that because the grip stock and missiles are currently not allowed to be transported together the threat is minimized.  Mr. Earhart responded that the grip stock, minus the missile, is still very sensitive and should be transported under SRC 1 security requirements.  Mr. Earhart said that the Services will have the chance to comment on the changes.  

AIP 7 and 12 - Carrier Screening

MAJ Fagerheim provided a brief update on carrier personnel screening.  CACs for some drivers are currently on hold. The long term plan is to have interoperability with the TWIC database.  Once interoperability is achieved, an AA&E driver may be able to access a DoD installation with either a CAC or TWIC.  USTRANSCOM J5/4 is working with OUSD (I) and DHS to test interoperability between CAC and TWIC.  This may take place at either Charleston, SC or Jacksonville, FL.  The plan is not yet finalized, but testing will be completed to verify the technology, processes, and procedures.

Mr. Schutz provided an update on AIPs 7 and 12.  Mr. Schutz reported that USTRANSCOM, SDDC, and OUSD (TP) formed a working group to review and improve the AA&E carrier screening process.  Mr. Schutz noted that the workgroup was formed following an incident in 2004 where a known smuggler transported an AA&E shipment from Bosnia to Iraq.  Since that incident, the workgroup has taken a number of key actions to enhance the screening process.   Some of the key actions include:

Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) screening added to SDDC’s Carrier Registration Program – Feb 07

EPLS follow-up screening added to TRANSS contract annual carrier review process – Mar 07

EPLS screening added to new Consolidated Rules Tender – Mar 07

Added EPLS screening requirement to draft Part II DTR –  Mar 07

Added EPLS screening requirement to One-Time-Only Request for Proposals (RFP) – May 07

AA&E Interagency Coordination Group Minutes – June 3, 20086

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