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Carriers/vendors prep time:  August 2008 – January 2009

Commence trailer tracking:  January 2009

Mr. Figueroa, DHS, asked how many shipments DTTS tracks.  MAJ Fagerheim responded that 66,000 shipments were monitored last year in CONUS.  DHS is considering how this capability could be leveraged for tracking on a larger scale for DHS purposes.  

Mr. Figueroa also asked if the transceivers are ruggedized or covert.  Mr. Harley, US Navy responded that they are located on the top of the trailer and are relatively covert.  

Security Terminology Reconciliation Review

Mr. Ken Stombaugh, LMI, reviewed LMI’s new tasking to review the security terminology.  He summarized the issue that multiple terms are used to designate the sensitivity and level of security service to secure AA&E while in the distribution process.  He described the objective of the task, which is to achieve commonality of the terminology across the different affected logistics disciplines.

Mr. Stombaugh provided a review of the task and the intended approach.  LMI will be working with key organizations and stakeholders to conduct the assessment.  The result will be to recommend changes to policy, terminology, systems and processes, if necessary, and to develop a report with findings/recommendations. The report will be completed by October 31, 2008.  

A discussion followed that SRC and Category definitions are mentioned throughout many policies.  Making changes may have significant consequences.  Mr. Kim Morrison, SDDC, mentioned that the Defense Transportation Regulation (DTR) defines SRC and CIIC codes, and what TPS is required for each.  Mr. Mike Hanson, US Air Force, stated that this effort is needed as there is too much ambiguity in the regulations.  

Mr. Stombaugh asked for points of contact that should be involved in the task.  CDR Spangler, OPNAV, suggested that LMI work with MSG Stan Stewart and N411.  

Mr. Schutz mentioned that the ICG will be updated on this task at the next meeting as well as on the AA&E retrograde assessment, which has also been assigned to LMI.  

Update on Reengineered REPSHIP Process

AA&E Interagency Coordination Group Minutes – June 3, 20089

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