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Scotts Valley Town Center Specific Plan EIR Section 4.8 Land Use

The land use description for P/QP land use designation is as follows:

Public and private education facilities, emergency service, health care facilities, religious facilities, government buildings, cultural facilities, and parks.

      • 4.8.2

        Impact Analysis and Mitigation Measures

        • a.

          Methodology and Impact Criteria. The analysis of land use impacts is based on a

review of the proposed project to identify areas where future development under the proposed Specific Plan may create land use compatibility conflicts. The land use analysis generally focuses on the potential for compatibility conflicts, while also analyzing any environmental issues associated with incompatibility.

The following impact criteria were dismissed within the Initial Study as being less than significant. The proposed project would not:

  • Physically divide an established community.

  • Conflict with an applicable habitat conservation plan or natural community

conservation plan.

Consistent with the criteria used in the Initial Study for this project, development pursuant to the proposed Town Center Specific Plan would create a significant impact if land use conflicts would result. Pursuant to the State CEQA Guidelines, potentially significant impacts would occur if the project would:

  • Conflict with any applicable land use plan, policy, or regulation of an agency with jurisdiction over the project (including, but not limited to the general plan, specific plan, local coastal program, or zoning ordinance) adopted for the purpose of avoiding or mitigating an environmental effect.

These thresholds are augmented by those contained in Sections 4.1, 4.2, 4.6, and 4.9 (Aesthetics, Air Quality, Hazards and Hazardous Materials and Noise, respectively), which are issues that relate directly to land use compatibility. Issues relating to policy consistency are discussed in Section

    • 4.8

      -3 below.

      • b.

        Project Impacts and Mitigation Measures

Impact LU-1

The proposed Specific Plan would introduce residential and mixed-use residential into existing commercially designated areas. Portions of the proposed Specific Plan area designated Commercial Shopping Center as defined in the General Plan are incompatible with residential and mixed-use residential land uses. Impacts are Class III, less than significant.

Development under the Specific Plan would introduce new residential dwellings, commercial, office, and other uses into a developed commercial area. The intent of the Specific Plan is to promote a cohesive, functional downtown area, oriented toward pedestrian use. It is envisioned as the commercial and social center of the City.

City of Scotts Valley


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