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Mr. Gallardo received the U.S. Air Medal as well as the Mexican Medal of Merit and one

for his service in the Far East.

Monuments honoring “el Escuadrón 201” can be found throughout México and its

members are still honored and respected today. The men were honored with a 50th Anniversary

celebration on July 25, 1994 in Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas, México.49

Mr. Gallardo returned to México feeling a strong sense of responsibility to share his

experience and knowledge with others. After the war, he was responsible of choosing and

training new aviators.

Mr. Gallardo married his wife Angelina in 1969; the couple had two children. He was an

aviator for the government of Michoacan, México, during this time. He served as director of the

security department of the Mexican Social Security offices and as a Civil Aeronautics Inspector

in 1975.

After a long military and civil service career in México, Mr. Gallardo decided to move to

the United States, making Austin, Texas, his home in 1984. He owns a business and divides his

spare time between his family and hobbies such as sailing. He lives a peaceful life and is

extremely proud of his accomplishments. Mr. Gallardo has advice for young people, based, he

says either on his training or what his parents taught him.

“Maybe because of …fate…we are Mexican. But because we are, we should feel responsible for

what we are. A soldier behaves well because that’s what he was taught. A Mexican should

behave well because he is Mexican. I want for Mexicans to be proud of their name, of their


Tudor, “Flight of Eagles: The Mexican expeditionary Air Force”, 290.

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