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World War II was a turning point for the world. The U.S. realized its potential as an

industrialized nation and the world recognized that international alliances were essential for the

progress of humanity. Two nations that experienced this at a closer level were the United States

and México. By 1940, events in Europe ensured U.S. involvement in World War II. In spite of

stated policies of neutrality, México too realized that collaboration with the United States was

unavoidable; México was forced to declare war on the Axis in May 1942.

The 1930s proved to be years of crisis for many countries. The United States as well as

many Latin American countries faced a threatening economic depression and the possibility of

war. By the end of the decade, events in Europe such as Germany’s invasion of Poland almost

ensured U.S. involvement in World War II. Alliances and not simple imperialistic relationships

were eminent for the United States. With the threat of Axis influence over Latin America, the

United States secured its relationship with México early in the 1940s.

Changes in Mexican politics and presidential ideologies promoted more cooperation with

the United States. Under the leadership of President Camacho (1940-1946), México was also

able to define its position in the war and broaden its relationship with the United States. Ill

sentiments left by President Cárdenas’ nationalistic policies were set aside, the U.S. now saw

México as an essential trading partner and ally. This relationship culminated in the formation of

the Mexican Fighter Squadron 201, or as it is recognized by many, Escuadrón 201.

This essay shows the bilateral collaboration between the United States and México during

World War II and pays particular attention to the formation of the Mexican Fighter Squadron

201 or as recognized by many, el Escuadrón 201. The information presented is supported by an

interview of squadron veteran, Reynaldo Pérez Gallardo. Subsequently, the essay incorporates a

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