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As part of the Allied effort against fascism, Mexico took its new role seriously. Fueled

by ideas of nationalism, Mexicanos responded to its new relationship with the United States in a

positive manner.

México- United States Pre- War Relations and Policy Changes

Elected in 1934, President Lázaro Cárdenas brought stability to México. He is described

as a “President of the People;” a president who would often take the time to listen to the

complaints and concerns of México’s peasant population.4 He was also a strong advocate of

change and implemented numerous reforms. He envisioned a nation empowered by national

identity, unity, and pride. These reforms created more benefits for México’s poor community.

President Cárdenas worked hard to provide better educational programs as well as health and

social benefits for workers. He is most credited for redistributing 49 million acres of land to the

country’s peasant population.5

Nonetheless, problems such as inflation, national debt, and excessive spending persisted.

The country’s relationship with the United States was affected by this crisis as well as other

policies implemented by this country during this time. The Repatriation Movement exercised by

various U.S. states during the 1930’s heightened tension between the two countries. This policy

mandated that “all who looked Mexican,” be deported. Although the specific number of people

deported is unknown, it is estimated that approximately 400,000 Mexican nationals and Mexican

Americans were repatriated during 1929-1935.6 President Cárdenas responded to this crisis by

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