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  • File Browser: Allows you to graphically browse through files and folders on the thin client.

  • HP Date and Time Manager: Allows you to adjust the thin client date and time, and to set the


  • HP FTP Update: Allows you to configure the thin client to check a specific ftp location for a newer image or package upon reboot.

  • HP Network Manager: Allows you to configure connectivity between the thin client and the internet, a network, or a computer.

  • HP Printer Manager: This utility allows you to add a new printer and modify printer settings.

  • HP System Information: Allows you to view system information.

  • HP ThinState Capture: Allows you to capture an HP thin client image that can then be deployed

to another HP thin client of identical model and hardware.

  • HP VCN Shadow: Allows you to control and configure the VNC Shadowing ability of the thin client.

  • New Login: Allows you to log in as another user without logging out.

Places menu

The Places menu is a quick way to go to various locations on your computer and your local network.

The Places menu allows you to open the following items:

  • Home Folder, where all of your personal files are kept.

  • Desktop folder, which corresponds to the items displays in the desktop.

  • Computer, which shows all your drives.

  • Network Servers. If your system is configured to access places on a network, you can use the

network file browser to access the network places.

The last two items on the menu perform actions rather than open locations:

  • Connect to Server, lets you choose a server on your network.


Taskbar and menus


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