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Thin client software is organized into packages. Synaptic provides a graphical user interface to the package manager that allows you to easily add, upgrade, and remove packages on your thin client.


Synaptic Package Manager is only usable from the Root desktop

Most applications reuse the functionality of other applications or libraries; therefore, most packages depend on other packages. The Synaptic Package Manager resolves the dependencies automatically.

Synaptic provides the following features:

  • Install, remove, configure, upgrade, and downgrade single and multiple packages

  • Upgrade entire system (not recommended)

  • Manage package repositories

  • Search packages by name, description, and several other attributes

  • Select packages by status, section, name, or a custom filter

  • Sort packages by name, status, size, or version

  • Browse all available online documentation related to a package

  • Lock packages to the current version

  • Force the installation of a specific package version

HP hosts a repository for t5735 options, add-on, and package updates at ftp://ftp.hp.com/pub/ tcdebian.


To conserve flash space, Synaptic is not normally installed. The root user’s desktop has an

icon that when run will use aptitude to install Synaptic, which may be removed when no longer necessary. To access the root user’s desktop, a user who knows the administrative password must

check the Allow local system administrator login check box on the Security tab of the Login Window

applet in the Desktop/Administration menu.

You must log in as root or a user in the Administrator group to use Synaptic. Click Desktop > Log Out User > Log Out to open the administrator login windows.

Reload package information regularly so you do not miss important security upgrades.

Synaptic requires an active network connection to work properly.

Synaptic requires that the thin client have Internet access.

If the HP Repository appears to be down or does not connect when trying to update the package list, wait and retry.

From time to time HP may release new or updated packages to the HP repository. HP packages have hptc- at the beginning of their name (i.e., hptc-control-panel); however, for the benefit of our customers, other vendors may also post packages in the HP repository (i.e., ICA updates, ThinPrint packages, etc.) that follow the vendor's naming convention and therefore do not begin with hptc-.

The first time you launch Synaptic, it decompresses itself and loads the list of all available packages from default ftp sites.




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