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  • Server tab: Allows you to choose published applications or add a server and to configure server location settings

    • Select the appropriate radio button depending on whether the connection being created is to a Server or to a Published Application. Click the Refresh button to update the list of available connections of that type or a specific server name you can type.

  • Server Location button: Click to launch the Server Location screen where you can add

or delete specific server connections, for all connections or for this specific connection.

  • To add or delete connections for all ICA server connections, select Default from the

Server Group list.

  • To add or delete ICA server connections for this specific connection, select Custom from

the Server Group list.

Modify settings for a newly added ICA server connection using the Global ICA Setting button on the HP Connection Administrator window. For more information about Connection Administrator, see HP Connection Administrator on page 35.


Adding or deleting ICA servers from the Default group on this screen adds or

removes them for all ICA connections.

  • Applications: Allows you to select applications by entering a command line.

  • Command line: If required, type the specific command line to launch an application. The user's Citrix environment determines whether the command line is required.

    • Working directory: If required, type the working directory information for the user's specific environment.

  • Logon: Allows you to specify logon information for connecting to a remote application. If

desired, you can specify logon information to be used when connecting the remote application.

Select Allow smartcard logon to enable smart card authentication with ICA connections.

  • Window: Allows you to specify how the application window size and color. Select Seamless

Window to enable the connection to start in seamless windows mode.

Chapter 3 HP Connection Administrator


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