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NOTE: Default key bindings allow Alt+F2 to run an application unless disable command line is configured in the Pessulus Lockdown Editor or in the desktop/gnome/lockdown tree of the gconf Configuration Editor.

Why can I not select certain resolution that I believe my monitor supports?

The graphics controller, driver and monitor must all support the desired resolution with appropriate timing parameters, furthermore some utilities do not allow resolutions above the current resolution to be selected. HP recommends using the HP Display applet for changing screen resolutions. Please see /var/log/Xorg.0.log for more details. Possible workarounds include disabling the xrandr extension and editing /etc/X11/ xorg.conf.

Why can I not to see widescreen resolutions modes on my t5725 after I load the t5735 image onto my t5725?

The t5735 has a different chipset and video driver. The t5725 does not support all of the video or widescreen resolutions modes that are supported on the t5735.

When I have two monitors connected, why does one screen move around with the mouse?

This occurs on one of the monitors when a high resolution is selected that the smaller monitor can not handle. The smaller monitor has the same desktop size but does not display the whole screen, as such the screen pans with the movement of the mouse to allow viewing of all parts of the desktop.

Why do I get an error message when I press F1 or click on help in a window?

The GNOME-user-guide was not installed by default to save space. The administrator can install this package, if it is a requirement, from the Debian repositories.

Why don’t my internal speakers turn off when I insert a jack into the front audio plug?

This behavior is by design to allow simultaneous audio output from both devices, which may be playing different content. To disable the internal speakers, open the GNOME ALSA Mixer (click Application > Sound & Video > Gnome ALSA Mixer), check Mute under Front to disable the internal speaker, and check Headphone to enable the front jack.

Why does my image get corrupted after FTP update is complete?

The t5735 does not support FTP image updates.


Yes, see the following:

Ctrl+Alt+F1 to Ctrl+Alt+F6: Starts the different gettys, which can be disabled if unused by editing /etc/inittab.

Ctrl+Alt+F7: Default X server.

Ctrl+Alt+F8: Syslog (configure with /etc/syslog.conf).

Ctrl+Alt+F9: Default first XDM session.

Ctrl+Alt+Backspace: Logs off the current session and displays the login dialog. If the client is set to auto logon, the auto logon completes.

Ctrl+Alt+Left/Right: Switch to left/right workspace.

Alt+Tab: Switches the active application focus.



Are there any hot keys?


Chapter 6 Frequently Asked Questions


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