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The largest element of NA that was disenfranchised by the Traditions War were the die hard dedicated members of the World Literature Committee. These members gave their all for over two years to see that a Basic Text of Recovery from the disease of addiction in Narcotics Anonymous became a reality. Many lost families, jobs and gave years of selfless service so that addicts could recover and not have to die from this wretched disease we are all afflicted with, addiction. As changes were made to the Basic Text without true fellowship approval, a little piece of them died. They had sweated over every single word in our book and to see a small handful of insiders make change after change, hire professional writers to edit something they saw as near perfect, and all with the flick of the wrist, or the strike of some keys on a word processor, they felt betrayed and ripped off. Many have left NA and will never come back. We owe them our very lives, and this is how we repay them, by labeling them “vocal minority”, trouble makers and malcontents who have nothing better to do than tear down NA.

This book is about any violation of Traditions that led to or could lead to the death of even one suffering addict. As our literature states, “that no addict seeking recovery need ever die.” The Text also lets us know that “we are as sick as our secrets.” For these reasons we  write and ask all to participate in the writing of the Traditions War. Let this be your book as well as ours. Please go to the www.na-history.org web site and input your views and your memories from these our growing years. If you don’t write it, it will never be heard! This is your chance to have your say and make a difference for the health and well being of NA for years to come.

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